NICE Project

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NICE Project

Co-Ordinated by the University of Edinburgh, the NICE Project is a programme running from 2018-2020 that is co-funded by Erasmus+. The project is designed to help students develop in-demand intercultural and entrepreneurial skills by working through interactive virtual toolkits focused on intercultural competence and entrepreneurship. 

What will I do?

You will complete a Student-led, Individually Created Course (SLICC), which is a self-directed, reflective learning course focusing on the skills you will be learning about in the toolkits. You will build an innovative business idea in a team to solve a Global Challenge that you have chosen together. 

You will work in teams with students from around Europe to create your business idea and you will be provided with a certificate of completion and have the chance to apply for a week long Summer School to continue building your skills and networks with students from other participating institutions.

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How can I apply?

This module is offered as an elective. Applications for 2019 have now closed and a new round of applications will open in Winter 2019.

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