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Open Erasmus

Open Erasmus Places are University-wide exchange agreements coordinated by UCD Global. You can see the full list of options below.

  1. You apply by filling out the SISweb application form under ‘Applications’. Select Catherine Convery as coordinator.
  2. If successful we will request that you obtain a completed Course Approval Form from your head of subject/School coordinator. Therefore, we recommend you research your choice as you would for departmental Erasmus places.
  3. After nomination we will contact students regarding the Erasmus+ Grant process.

Students not studying the language of their host country as part of their degree will be required to provide proof of their language proficiency before they depart to take up an open Erasmus place. Students are also advised to check the websites of the universities to ensure that their subjects are taught and that a full study programme is available to exchange students.


Arts & Humanities and Social Sciences

UniversityWebsiteNumber of PlacesLanguage of Teaching
Université de Lausanne, Switzerland www.unil.ch 1 French
Freie Universität Berlin, Germany www.fu-berlin.de 1 German
Università degli Studi di Roma III, Italy www.uniroma3.it 1 Italian
Amsterdam University College, Netherlands www.auc.nl 3 English

Universitas 21 - General Agreements

UniversityWebsiteNumber of PlacesLanguage of Teaching
University of Nottingham, UK www.nottingham.ac.uk 2 English
Lunds Universitet, Sweden www.lu.se 3 English available
University of Edinburgh, UK www.ed.ac.uk 3 English
University of Birmingham, UK www.birmingham.ac.uk 3 English
Universiteit van Amsterdam, Netherlands www.uva.nl 4 English available
Universität Zürich www.uzh.ch/en.html 3 English available
Clara McShane

I completed my exchange at the University of Edinburgh and found the experience absolutely amazing! I met so many incredible people from all over the world and partook in many cultural events such as Scottish Ceilidhs and trips to the beautiful and verdant Highlands. The highlight of the exchange for me was taking a module in Scottish Gaelic Language and Culture and discovering the strong links between Ireland and Scotland.

Clara McShane, Irish, Psychology

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