FAQs for Outgoing Exchange Students
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Updated Friday 23 October 

We will regularly update this page as more information becomes available, so please check back regularly. If you have any immediate concerns or need some help, please contact us by emailing outgoing.exchanges@ucd.ie. You can also reach us at outgoing.erasmus@ucd.ie

Advice for Prospective Outgoing Exchange Students

Following the recent university-wide consultation process regarding the status of outgoing exchanges in Spring 2021, the University has now endorsed a recommendation that exchanges can proceed, subject to a number of strict conditions.

Because of deadlines in our partner universities, after October 30th it will no longer be possible to be offered an alternative location for the Spring trimester. If your partner university has cancelled exchanges, please contact your UCD School/College/Programme who will work with you to develop an alternative study plan.

Universities worldwide are aware that delays may be unavoidable in relation to providing the documentation needed to support your application. Most will be as flexible as possible, so if you require extra time to gather requested documentation, please contact your host university so that they are aware of any delays.

All exchanges will be deemed optional in Spring 2021, even on those programmes with a mandatory exchange component. Students who decide not to travel and to follow UCD’s modules will be supported in UCD with an alternative academic programme. If you no longer wish to go on exchange, please contact UCD Global and your UCD School/College/Programme as soon as possible.

Students who wish to avail of virtual mobility, where offered by the partner university, will require approval from their programme manager or academic director and should inform UCD Global.

Students who travel to the country of the host university for online study will be eligible for Erasmus funding. Students who wish to participate in virtual mobility from Ireland or their home country are not eligible to receive the Erasmus grant.

UCD strongly advises all nominated students to purchase travel insurance and to check the refund policy in place when purchasing flights or booking accommodation. It is your responsibility to ensure that you do not incur costs that cannot be reimbursed.