Cost of Living in Ireland

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Ireland and Dublin Cost of Living

Ireland and Dublin Cost of Living

The cost of living in Dublin, and moving to Dublin, are important factors for students coming to UCD. Although there are several scholarship and funding opportunities for UCD students, you should have a pre-planned budget for each year of your academic programme. Students should not budget solely on receiving scholarships. UCD Global provides the below to help students get a better picture of their expenses in Dublin.

Everyone’s budget will be different. The below is a rough guide only. The largest factor in all budgets is the cost of accommodation. If students are living in UCD student accommodation, note that the prices will depend on which residence they stay in. The UCD Residences team provides a detailed breakdown of on-campus accommodation expenses here.


Annual / Once-off Costs

Item Cost
Flights Variable
Irish Residence Permit (Non-EU / non-EEA / non-UK / non-Swiss) €300
PC, Printer €850
Deposit (rent) €720 (UCD Residences) or
One month's rent (private)
New Bedding and Cooking Utensils €200


Monthly Costs


  Lowest*   Median   High
Accommodation €750 €1,030 €1,350
Utilities €58 €65 €75
Food €315 €360 €450
Local Travel (Student Leap Card) €20 €30 €50
Books & Copying €0 €90 €135
Clothing and Hygiene €80 €120 €200
Internet and Mobile €30 €40 €60
Personal / Social €90 €160 €225
Miscellaneous (medical, unforeseen expenses, tourism) €45 €100
Total €1,388 €1,995 €2,695

*The lowest estimate assumes that students are staying on campus, not paying for social activities and do not encounter any unforeseen expenses. UCD does not recommend that students budget according to the lowest estimate.


Average Cost per Semester

Cost for: Lowest* Median High
1 Trimester €6,246 €8,978 €12,128
2 Trimesters €12,492 €17,955 €24,255
3 Trimesters €16,656 €23,940 €32,340


If you are an undergraduate, it is likely that your budget will be like the median budget, while postgraduate students (especially those living alone) will have budgets closer to the high model.


UCD is also pleased to offer several scholarships to international students. There are full scholarships for Taught Masters and undergraduate students. There are also partial scholarships available. Find out more about international student scholarships.

Further information is available regarding PhD Scholarships, scholarships for Current/Continuing students and students at the Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School.


More Information on Cost of Living in Ireland

Another good resource to help you with figuring out the cost of living in Ireland is This website will also assist you with estimating living costs like rent outside of campus accommodation, utility bills, travel and other basics expenses.

Non-EU/EEA/UK/Swiss students will be required to register for an Irish Residence Permit Card each year of their programme (€300).

In order to register with the Irish Immigration Services, as a first-time applicant and to renew your residency permit each year, students are required to purchase health insurance. This can cost between €160 - €670 per year depending on the duration of your course. Further information about health insurance is available on our Visas and Immigration page.