Cost of Living in Ireland

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Ireland and Dublin Cost of Living

Information on how much it costs to move to Ireland and the cost of living in Ireland is very important for our international students. We encourage you to plan ahead and budget for your living costs in Dublin. We hope the information here will help you to work out a student budget. Some current students have also written financial diaries. This might assist you with planning for student costs in Ireland.

UCD is also pleased to offer a number of scholarships to international students. There are full scholarships for Masters students and undergraduate students. There are also partial scholarships available. Find out more about international student scholarships.

Accommodation expenses will vary depending on where you live. In the table below the cost of living in UCD student accommodation is included. If you are living on campus in a catered residence, you'll need less money for food. 

ExpenseApprox. monthly cost
Electricity / gas / bins €45
Food (incl. lunches) €280
Travel (student Leap card) €90
Books & materials €70
Clothes / medical €45
Mobile phone (excl. handset) €25
Social life / miscellaneous €130
UCD accommodation* approx. €1,000
Total approx. €1,685


More Information on Cost of Living in Ireland

Another good resource to help you with figuring out the cost of living in Ireland is This website will also assist you with figuring out living costs like rent outside of campus accommodation, utility bills, travel and other basics expenses.

You should also budget for any initial costs you will likely incur (e.g. you might need to budget for short term accommodation upon arrival in Dublin, or make a deposit for accommodation which might be the equivalent of four weeks rent).

It’s also important to keep in mind that international students, who are not citizens of the EU, EEA or Switzerland, must register with the Irish Immigratiion Service IIS) after arrival and after completion of registration at UCD. IIS will issue you with an Irish Residence Permit (IRP), and the fee for this card, as of October 2020, is €300.  

In order to register with the IIS, as a first-time applicant and to renew your residency permit each year, students are required to purchase health insurance. This can cost between €160 - €600 per year depending on the duration of your course. Further information about health insurance is available on our Visas and Immigration page.

Check out the student financial diaries below for more information on Dublin's cost of living for students.

*UCD accommodation rate based on the majority of 2021/22 campus residences. At UCD, your electricity, gas and bins are included in your rental price.