Our Vision

Our Vision

As Ireland's Global University, our vision is to bring the best of the world to Ireland, and the best of Ireland, including its distinct cultures, to the world. To achieve this vision we will ensure a global experience for all, and advance the global impact of our teaching, research, and innovation.

A Global Experience for All

UCD aspires to the development of global skills and competences within its entire community. We are committed to fostering an inclusive, integrated multicultural environment, and enabling students, faculty and staff to gain a deeper understanding of the world, whether through study, or through experiences in Ireland and abroad.

Global Impact

UCD will effectively showcase its global reach and impact in teaching, research and innovation. Finding new ways to tell our global story, the university will build its international visibility, impact and reputation. UCD will continue to nurture its extensive global network and alumni community, seeking support for global engagement activities. Working through our partnerships and collaborations we will identify targeted opportunities to enhance our global impact.

The Global Engagement Strategy 2021-2024 serves to support and enable the global engagement ambitions of every member of the UCD community in their own roles. Students, faculty and staff are invited to share their thoughts and suggestions on how we can implement it to the benefit of all by submitting them to vpforglobalengagement@ucd.ie.

You can also download and read your copy of the Global Engagement Strategy Irish Language Version.

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