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University Management Team

University Management Team

The primary responsibilities of the University Management Team (UMT) are to develop a mission, vision and strategic plan for ratification by the Governing Authority; to manage the resources of the University, including human, financial, capital and non-capital resources effectively to achieve the stated vision; and to enhance the performance and reputation of the University.

University Secretariat
email: umt@ucd.ie

Purpose and Function

In accordance with the Universities Act 1997 (section 24 and Schedule 4), the President shall, subject to this Act, manage and direct the university in its academic, administrative, financial, personnel and other activities and for those purposes has such powers as are necessary or expedient. Further, the President may delegate any of his or her functions to an employee of the University (or a committee), but will remain answerable to the Governing Authority in respect of the functions so delegated.[1] Any delegated function can be exercised by the President, irrespective of any such delegation.

The University Management Team (UMT) is responsible for advising and supporting the President in the exercise of their responsibilities, and the President delegates powers and functions specified in these terms of reference to the UMT.

As the most senior executive committee of the University, the University Management Team shall:


  • Make decisions on items listed in the appendix to these terms of reference, within the parameters of authority that has been delegated by the Governing Authority to the President.


  • Advise the President on the development of the overall strategic direction of the University, taking account the resources at its disposal and the need to ensure sustainability in all aspects of University business. The President will be responsible for making proposals on this to the Academic Council and Governing Authority.
  • Regularly review the overall University strategy and advise the President to ensure that it remains relevant and sustainable.
  • Commit the University to major initiatives emerging from within and outside the University, within the parameters of authority that have been delegated by the Governing Authority to the President and where these fit with the overall University strategy and are sustainable, and resource accordingly.

Teaching and Research

  • Ensure operational supports for teaching and research are optimally configured and appropriately resourced to support the academic affairs of the University, while observing that the Academic Council encourages excellence in research and scholarship and controls the academic affairs of the university, including the curriculum of, and instruction and education provided by, the university.


  • Oversee the design and delivery of strategies and initiatives to promote a working environment where people can flourish and achieve their potential.


  • Set and monitor the financial allocation model and budgetary rules of the University.


  • Oversee the University’s Policy Management Framework


  • Initiate actions to enhance and safeguard the reputation of the University.


  • Oversee the University’s Risk Management Framework and initiate measures to mitigate risk.

UMT Membership

President (Chair)
Professor Orla Feely
Acting Registrar and Deputy President (Deputy Chair)
Professor Barbara Dooley
Bursar/Chief Financial Officer
Mr David Kelly
Vice President Research, Innovation and Impact
Professor Helen Roche
Vice President Global Engagement
Professor Dolores O’Riordan
Principal, UCD College of Arts and Humanities
Professor Regina Uí Chollatáin
Principal, UCD College of Business
Professor Anthony Brabazon
Principal, UCD College of Engineering and Architecture
Professor Aoife Ahern
Principal, UCD College of Health and Agricultural Sciences
Professor Cecily Kelleher
Principal, UCD College of Science
Professor Jeremy Simpson
Principal, UCD College of Social Science and Law
Professor Colin Scott
Director, UCD Human Resources
Mr Tristan Aitken
Director of Communications
Ms Eilis O'Brien

UMT Meeting Schedule 2022/2023

Submission Deadline

 Meeting Date
Meetings take place from 9.30am-12.30pm unless otherwise specified 

Friday, 26 August 2022 Tuesday, 6 September 2022 (8.30am to 11.30am)
Monday, 12pm, 12 September 2022 Wednesday, 21 September 2022
Monday, 12pm, 26 September 2022 Tuesday, 4 October 2022
Monday, 12pm, 10 October 2022 Tuesday, 18 October 2022
Monday, 12pm, 24 October 2022 Tuesday, 1 November 2022
Monday, 12pm, 7 November 2022 Tuesday, 15 November 2022
Monday, 12pm, 21 November 2022 Tuesday, 29 November 2022
Monday, 12pm, 5 December 2022 Tuesday, 13 December 2022
Monday, 12pm, 9 January 2023 Tuesday, 17 January 2023
Monday, 12pm, 23 January 2023 Tuesday, 31 January 2023
Friday, 3 February 2023 Tuesday, 14 February 2023
Monday, 12pm, 20 February 2023 Tuesday, 28 February 2023
Monday, 12pm, 6 March 2023 Tuesday, 14 March 2023
Monday, 12pm, 20 March 2023 Tuesday, 28 March 2023
Monday, 12pm, 3 April 2023

Tuesday, 11 April 2023

Monday, 12pm, 17 April 2023

Tuesday, 25 April 2023
Friday, 28 April 2023 Tuesday, 9 May 2023
Monday, 12pm, 15 May 2023 Tuesday, 23 May 2023

Friday, 12pm, 26 May 2023

Tuesday, 6 June 2023

Friday, 12pm, 9 June 2023

Tuesday, 20 June 2023

 Extended Leadership Group (ELG) Meetings 2022/2023

Submission Deadline  Meeting Date
N/A Friday 2 September, 9.30am-1.00pm

N/A Tuesday 10 January 2023
N/A Thursday 15 June 2023

Contact the UCD University Secretariat

Tierney Building, University College Dublin, Belfield, Dublin 4, Ireland.
T: +353 (1) 716 1279 (general enquiries) | E: univsec@ucd.ie