Academic Council Committee on Student Appeals and Complaints

The Academic Council Committee on Student Appeals and Complaints (ACCSAC) provides oversight of the management and operation of assessment appeals and student complaints. 

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Dr Aoife Duignan, Student Engagement Office


The Academic Council Student Complaints and Appeals Committee shall:

1. Maintain oversight of student appeals and student complaints processes

2. Make recommendations to the Registrar and the Academic Council in relation to any issues or opportunities for enhancement identified arising from the monitoring and review student appeal and complaint processes

3. Monitor the processes under its remit to ensure they are operated in an efficient and timely manner

4. Receive reports from Schools and the Student Complaints and Appeals Officer.


ACCSAC Membership 2021 - 2022


Chair (appointed by President) 
Prof. Suzanne Guerin

One representative of the Student Assessment Appeals Panel
Prof. John O'Connor

One representative of Student Complaint Investigating Officers
Dr Aideen Quilty

One representative from the Heads of Schools, nominated by the President
Prof. Peter Kennedy

One representative from the Heads of Support Units, nominated by the Registrar
Michael Sinnott

Representative of Academic Council, nominated by the President 
Prof. Judith Harford

Representative of the Students' Union, nominated by the Students' Union President
Aoife Bracken

Dean of Students
Prof. Jason Last

Director Of Legal Services (co-opted)
Julian Bostridge

Student Engagement Manager (co-opted)
Lynn Foster 


ACCSAC Meeting Schedule 2021/2022



Submission Deadline  Meeting Date
27 September 2021

Monday 18 October 2021 @ 2.30pm

15 November 2021

Monday 6 December 2021 @ 2.30pm

14 February 2022

Monday 7 March 2022 @ 2.30pm

4 April 2022

Monday 25 April 2022 @ 2.30pm