Academic Council Executive Committee

The Academic Council Executive Committee (ACEC) sets the agenda for Academic Council to ensure that meaningful and strategic discussion occurs at Academic Council. The ACEC may also carry out functions delegated to it by Academic Council. 

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University Secretariat

The ACEC shall, subject to review by Academic Council

1. Carry out any delegated functions assigned by Academic Council.

2. Act on behalf of Academic Council in intervals between Academic Council meetings.

3. Following direction from Academic Council, identify appropriate bodies for the development and review of university academic policy, oversee associated drafting processes, and approve minor editorial changes to policy.

ACEC Membership 2021-2022

Acting President and Chair
Prof. Mark Rogers

Acting Deputy President, VP Academic Affairs, Registrar (alt Chair)
Prof. Barbara Dooley

Vice President for Research, Innovation & Impact
Prof. Orla Feely

College Principal - Arts & Humanities
Prof. Sarah Prescott

College Principal - Business
Prof. Anthony Brabazon 

College Principal - Health & Agricultural Sciences
Prof. Cecily Kelleher

College Principal - Engineering & Architecture
Prof. Aoife Ahern

College Principal - Science
Prof. Jeremy Simpson

College Principal - Social Sciences & Law
Prof. Colin Scott

Dean of Graduate Studies 
Assoc. Prof. Paul McCabe

Dr Sandra Collins

Chair of AC Committee - UPB
Prof. Barbara Dooley

Chair of AC Committee - ACCE
Prof. Alain Baird

Chair of AC Committee - ACQEC
Prof. Aoife Ahern

Chair of AC Committee - ACCHDMA
Prof. Sarah Prescott

Chair of AC Committee - ACCAC
Prof. Alexander Evans

Chair of AC Committee - ACCSAC
Prof. Suzanne Guerin

Chair of AC Committee - ACCSCC
Prof. Michelle Norris

Chair of AC Committee - ACCASP
Assoc. Prof. Amanda Gibney 

Elected Representative of Academic Council
Prof. Michael Gilchrist

Elected Representative of Academic Council
Assoc. Prof. Crystal Fulton

Elected Representative of Academic Council
Assoc. Prof. Nerys Williams

Member of AC, nominated by President, appointed by AC 
Prof. Kenneth Stanton

Member of AC, nominated by President, appointed by AC 
Prof. Julie Berndsen

Member of AC, nominated by President, appointed by AC
Prof. Eilis Hennessy

Students’ Union President
Molly Greenough

Students’ Union Education Officer
Martha Ni Riada

ACEC Meeting Schedule 2022/2023

Submission Deadline  Meeting Date

Thursday 15 September 2022

Thursday 6 October 2022; 2pm

Thursday 5 January 2023

Thursday 19 January 2023; 2pm

Wednesday 8 February 2023

Wednesday 1 March 2023; 2pm

Wednesday 10 May 2023

Wednesday 31 May 2023; 2pm