Academic Council Quality Enhancement Committee

The Academic Council Quality Enhancement Committee (ACQEC)  fosters a culture of evaluation and reflection and provides oversight of the university's quality processes on behalf of Academic Council.

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Contact: UCD Quality Office 

The terms of reference of the Academic Council Quality Enhancement Committee are:

 1. Governance

  • The Committee will act with authority delegated by Academic Council, in order to make decisions in the area of quality assurance and standards.
  • The Committee shall liaise with relevant Academic Council Committees and with specific University Officers, managers and offices in respect of issues or instances where matters of quality assurance intersect with management issues.
  • In taking forward its remit, the Committee will seek consistency and common approaches where these are in the best interests of students and staff, while supporting diversity and variety where this is beneficial to stakeholders.
  • The Committee will report to Academic Council; Governing Authority; and UMT as necessary, but at least once a year.

 2. Strategic Planning

  • The Committee will approve institutional quality assurance developments which articulate with University Strategy or policy and/or with external Quality Assurance requirements.
  • The Committee will provide strategic direction to relevant University staff and committees on institutional and national quality assurance developments.

 3. Quality Assurance and Standards

The Committee will oversee the delivery of the University Quality Assurance Framework within its remit, by receiving and considering relevant reports, identifying trends/issues and recommending appropriate action, as required.  Reports will include:

  • Periodic internal unit reviews.
  • Annual reporting from relevant collaborative and transnational programme/campus teams.
  • Reports on the approval of UCD Recognised Colleges (and other UCD Linked Providers) Quality assurance Procedures and the periodic quality review of these institutions.
  • External reports on academic provision and professional services, such as Professional, Statutory and Regulatory Body Reports; internal process reviews (e.g. curriculum review).

4. Strategic Enhancement relating to the Quality Assurance Framework

The Committee will lead strategic enhancement activities relating to the University’s Quality Assurance Framework, including:

  • Disseminating positive practice as identified through the work of the Committee.
  • Overseeing and monitoring the effective implementation of review recommendations and the dissemination of enhancements identified in reviews.
  • Identifying and promoting enhancement developments relating to academic provision and its supporting processes and of student support provision, arising from its quality assurance oversight and monitoring.
  • Identifying trends and recommending actions aligned with the University’s Strategic Plan, national and international Quality Assurance Frameworks (e.g. QQI; ESG).

5. Engagement and Compliance with Legislation and External Quality Assurance Frameworks

The Committee will lead the University’s engagement as appropriate with external Quality Assurance Frameworks, and ensure appropriate compliance with such Frameworks, including:

  • The University’s engagement with periodic QQI Institutional review, including monitoring the effective implementation of review recommendations.
  • University compliance with the Qualifications and Quality Assurance (Education and Training) Act 2012; QQI Core Statutory Quality Assurance Guidelines; annual reporting requirements; and ongoing mapping of activity, as required by QQI.
  • Ensuring, through the engagement of its members with external quality related consultation documents and other activities, that the University plays a constructive role in developing national HE Quality Assurance Frameworks.



ACQEC Membership 2021-2022


Chair (appointed by President) 
Prof. Aoife Ahern

Deputy President, VP for Academic Affairs and Registrar (or nominee)
Prof. Mark Rogers

Director of Quality
Bronwyn Molony

One College Principal elected by College Principals
Prof. Aoife Ahern

Vice Principal for R&I elected by V-Principals for R&I
Prof. Peter Doran

Vice Principal for T&L elected by V-Principals for T&L
Dr. Sarah Morton

Head of School elected by Heads of Schools
Prof. Kenneth Stanton

Programme Dean/Associate Deans for Programmes
Assoc. Prof. Tara McMorrow

Graduate School Director elected by Graduate School Directors
Assoc. Prof. Helen Gallagher

Nominated by CP – Arts & Humanities, appointed by AC
Assoc. Prof. Elva Johnston

Nominated by CP – Social Sciences & Law, appointed by AC
Dr Rob Sands

Nominated by CP – Business, appointed by AC
Professor Anne Keegan

Nominated by CP – Health & Agricultural Sciences, appointed by AC
Assoc. Prof. Theo de Waal

Nominated by CP – Science, appointed by AC
Assoc. Prof. John Crean

Nominated by CP – Engineering & Architecture, appointed by AC
Dr Vincent Hargaden

Senior Administrative staff nominated by President

Senior Administrative staff nominated by President
Maura McGinn

Nominated by Director of Human Resources 
Sinead McNally

Member of Academic Council elected by AC
Professor Deirdre Campion

Member of Academic Council elected by AC
Dr Edward Coleman

Technical Officer Representative
Dr Jimmy Muldoon

Students’ Union President
Ruairi Power

Students’ Union Education Officer
Aoife Bracken

Students' Union Graduate Officer
Carla Gummerson


ACQEC Meeting Schedule 2022/2023

Submission Deadline   Meeting Date
Monday 19 September 2022 Monday 10 October 2022; 9.30am
Monday 21 November 2022 Monday 12 December 2022; 9.30am
Wednesday 11 January 2023 Wednesday 1 February 2023; 9.30am
Wednesday 5 April 2023 Wednesday 26 April 2023; 9.30am