University Programmes Board

The University Programmes Board (UPB) reviews, approves and monitors the design, delivery, assessment and quality of the educational programmes within its remit and provides University level oversight for all programmes governed by Undergraduate and Graduate Taught Programme Boards, the Graduate Research Board, Joint Academic Programme Boards and Boards of Studies established by the University.

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University Secretariat

1) Oversee the development, approval, review, and delivery of programmes by governing boards to assure compliance with Academic Regulations and the effectiveness and quality of programmes.

2) Establish frameworks for the development, approval, and review of programmes that delegates to Governing Boards or reserves to UPB decision-making as appropriate.

3) Ensure procedures are in place to monitor trends and audit decision-making with respect to –

  • Admission
  • Progression
  • Continuation
  • Completion
  • Recognition of prior or concurrent learning
  • Internationalisation of programmes
  • Internships and employability initiatives
  • Other aspects of programme design or governance identified by UPB or Academic Council

4) Develop policies, procedures, guidelines, and initiatives as appropriate to promote effectiveness, excellence, and fairness in the delivery and governance of programmes.

5) Adjudicate on applications for derogation from the Academic Regulations submitted by schools or governing boards.

6) Review the Academic Regulations at suitable intervals and where amendment is deemed advisable, propose amendments to Academic Council.

7) Recommend policies, and approve and oversee procedures and frameworks as appropriate, for the development, approval, review, and delivery of the following educational activities, to assure the effectiveness and quality of such offerings:

  • Internship and employability initiatives
  • Study abroad opportunities
  • CPD offerings by schools

8) In consultation with the Academic Council Quality Enhancement Committee, approve and oversee policies, procedures, and frameworks as appropriate for the governance and continuous monitoring and auditing of programme quality.

9) Request, receive, and review reports pertinent to monitoring and auditing the quality of programmes.

10) Highlight existing and emerging good practice examples and promote dissemination of such practices.

11) Consider such matters as Academic Council may refer.

UPB Membership 2022-2023

Chair (appointed by the President)

Acting Registrar; Professor Barbara Dooley

Dean of Undergraduate Studies                    

Professor Marie Clarke

Dean of Graduate Studies     

Assoc. Professor Paul McCabe

Agriculture and Food Science Taught Programmes Board    

Professor Aine Ni Dhubhain

Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Planning and Environmental Policy Taught Programmes Board

Professor Mark Scott

Arts and Humanities Undergraduate Taught Programmes Board       

Assoc. Prof. Gillian Pye

Business Undergraduate Taught Programmes Board            

Assoc. Prof. Maeve Houlihan

Engineering Taught Programmes Board 

Professor Aoife Ahern

Law Taught Programmes Board                     

Dr. Cliona Kelly

Liberal Arts and Sciences Taught Programme Board           

Professor Tasman Crowe

Medicine Taught Programmes Board            

Professor Michael Keane

Nursing, Midwifery and Health Systems Taught Programmes Board 

Professor Fiona Timmins

Public Health, Physiotherapy, Performance and Sports Sciences Taught Programmes Board 

Assoc. Prof. Catherine Blake

Science Taught Programmes Board 

Assoc. Prof. Tara McMorrow

Social Sciences Undergraduate Taught Programmes Board  

Dr Aideen Quilty 

Veterinary Medicine and Veterinary Nursing Taught Programmes Board                 

Professor Michael Doherty

College of Arts and Humanities Graduate Taught Programmes Board‌     

Assoc. Prof. Lucy Collins

Social Sciences Graduate Taught Programmes Board          

Dr. Elaine Wilson

Graduate School of Business Taught Programmes Board   

Professor Gerardine Doyle

Graduate Research Board         

Prof. Barbara Dooley

Board of Studies: Academic Affairs (or nominee)

Professor Mark Rogers

Board of Studies: Global Engagement (or nominee)

Professor Dolores O'Riordan

Board of Studies: Research, Innovation and Impact (or nominee)

Professor Suzi Jarvis

Beijing-Dublin International College Academic Committee‌‌  

Assoc. Prof. Paul Fanning         

Institute of Banking - University College Dublin (IOB-UCD) Acdemic Programme Board‌‌  

Professor Margaret Fitzsimons

Chair of the NCAD Academic Council (or nominee)

Dr Siun Hanrahan

Three student representatives nominated by the Student's Union             

Molly Greenough

Martha Ní Riada

Marc Matouc

Director of Quality                  

Bronwyn Molony

Director of Registry (or nominee)         

Kevin Griffin


Professor Jason Last

 UPB Meeting Schedule 2022/2023

Submission Deadline  Meeting Date
Tuesday 13 September 2021 Tuesday 11 October 2022; 10am
Wednesday 2 November 2022 Wednesday 30 November 2022; 10am
Thursday 19 January 2023 Thursday 16 February 2023; 2pm
Thursday 9 March 2023 Thursday 6 April 2023; 10am
Wednesday 5 April 2023 Wednesday 3 May 2023; 2pm