UMT Global Engagement Group

The Global Engagement Group (UMT GEG) provides high-level oversight and coordination of the University’s internationalisation efforts and advises UMT on matters relating to internationalisation at UCD.


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Contact: Roslyn Reddy, UCD Global





• To assist in the further development and implementation of UCD’s Global Engagement Strategy (2016-2020) and to monitor and review the progress of this strategy in achieving the University’s objectives for global engagement.

• To comment and advise UMT on proposals and outcomes (and their adoption by GEG as appropriate) from UCD’s global strategy working groups e.g. Global Partnerships Working Group.

• To consider and respond to issues referred to the Group by the University Management Team relating to the University’s global engagement activities.

• To recommend to UMT for approval, on an annual basis, the University’s plan for international student recruitment targets and international tuition fees and to review the progress of this plan.

• To provide strategic oversight and recommendations to UMT on opportunities and proposals for new UCD globalisation activities across a range of areas, including:

o Institutional Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) and Memoranda of Agreement (MOAs)
o Overseas offices and representatives
o Overseas campuses
o International partnerships and associated activities
o Mobility opportunities
o Student recruitment pathways
o On campus activities

• To advise UMT on strategic oversight of foundation programmes, pre-sessional andin- sessional language programmes offered by UCD.

• To contribute to the development and implementation of UCD’s regional strategies, supported by the established steering groups for Europe, North America, China, South Asia, Asia-Pacific and other regional steering groups that may be established.

• To advise UMT on strategic oversight of UCD’s ‘area studies’* activities
*Area studies refers to research and scholarship pertaining to particular geographical, national, or cultural regions e.g. Chinese studies

• To provide a forum for the development and exchange of good practice in global engagement across UCD’s Colleges, Schools and Units.

• To provide institutional oversight of external environment activities (e.g. policies, regulations) that impact on UCD’s global engagement activities and ambitions.


The following shall be members of GEG: 
The Vice President for Global Engagement or nominee (Chair) 
The Deputy Vice President for Global Engagement 
The Bursar 
The Dean of Undergraduate Studies 
The Dean of Graduate Studies 
The Dean of Students 
The Provost or equivalent of each international college in which UCD is involved, or nominee 
The Vice-Principal for International/Global Engagement from each College 
The Director of International Affairs 
The Director of Quality 
The Director of Student Recruitment 
The Director of University Relations 
The Director of University Governance 
The Director of Research 
The Director of Alumni Development 
The Chief Technology Officer 
The Group may co-opt representatives from across the University as appropriate.


UMT GEG Meeting Schedule 2021/22

Submission Deadlines  Meeting Date
Wednesday 21 September (International Agreements) and Friday 10 September (Other) Tuesday 21 September 2021 @ 9.30am
Wednesday 13 October (International Agreements) and Friday 22 October (Other)  Wednesday 3 November 2021 @ 2.00pm 
Thursday 25 November (International Agreements) and Monday 6 December (Other) Wed 15 December 2021 @ 9.30am
Thursday 13 January (International Agreements) and Monday 24 January (Other) Wednesday 2 February 2022 @ 2.00pm
Tuesday 15 March (International Agreements) and Monday 28 March (Other) Wednesday 6 April 2022 @ 9.30am
Wednesday 27 April (International Agreements) Monday 9 May (Other) Wednesday 18 May 2022 @ 2.00pm
Wednesday 25 May (International Agreements) and Friday 3 June (Other)  Wednesday 15 June 2022 @ 9.30am