Academic Regulations 

The UCD Academic Regulations set out the regulations governing the academic programmes of the University and encompass student assessment, grading progression, and graduation at University College Dublin. A new set of Academic Regulations came into efffect on 3 September 2019, which are divided into nine sections:

  • Academic Governance
  • University Awards
  • Academic Calendar, Modules, and Programme Structures
  • Assessment, Grading and Feedback
  • Programme Progression and Completion
  • Module Completion and Remediation
  • Regulations for Research Degrees (Research Master’s and PhD Degrees)
  • Regulations for Professional Doctorate Degrees
  • Regulations for Doctor of Medicine Degrees

The Academic Regulations are to be used for reference and action as appropriate by students, faculty and staff.  The Academic Regulations are underpinned by the following principles, which are shaped by UCD’s distinct traditions:

  • A spirit of enquiry: We are committed to ensuring freedom of expression and dialogue, in a respectful and civil manner, across the spectrum of views held by our varied and diverse student communities.
  • Quality and depth of provision: Our UCD modular curriculum offers a wide range of subjects, uniting our research tradition and heritage, articulating an approach to education that will resonate with ambitious, intellectually curious and dedicated students and faculty.
  • Collegiality and Collaboration: This finds expression in our commitment to work with our students to understand and develop their academic experience in line with their needs and ambitions, and to ensure they are appropriately supported as individuals. 
  • Diversity: We will work to foster a respectful, cooperative, equitable and inclusive learning environment for our diverse student communities.
  • To promote a shared and common understanding of UCD qualifications;
  • To promote consistency in the use of qualifications and credit across the University;
  • To provide a reference point for setting and assessing academic standards when designing, approving, monitoring and reviewing programmes of study and modules;
  • To promote transparency and consistency across the University, ensuring that all students are treated fairly and equitably;
  • To provide students with a clear set of expectations in relation to their academic achievement and progression;
  • To communicate to employers, schools, parents, prospective students, Professional, Statutory and Regulatory Bodies (PSRBs) and other stakeholders the achievements represented by the qualifications of UCD;
  • To inform international comparability of academic standards.
  • Integrity: This is reflected in our adherence to the highest ethical standards, and in our commitment to transparency and accountability in everything we do related to student experience.

Purpose of UCD Academic Regulations

The UCD Academic Regulations outline the regulations that are applicable to all UCD taught and research programmes and to all new and continuing students from September 2019, regardless of the location or mode of study.  The Academic Regulations encompass disciplines and subjects taught by the University. Faculty and staff and students are required to comply with the provisions of this document.

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