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UCD offers a wide range of high quality graduate programmes across its six colleges. There are currently, over 8,000 students enrolled in graduate study at UCD.  Our graduate programmes will take you on a journey of intense intellectual stimulation, learning new skills and dramatically expanding your knowledge of your chosen discipline. It is a tremendously rewarding experience and one which will both enrich your life and enhance your career prospects.

Degree Types

Graduate taught courses, such as Graduate Certificates, Graduate Diplomas or taught MA or MSc courses are usually taken by students who hold an undergraduate degree. The majority of the course will involve taking taught modules. In order to graduate with a Masters you will also need to complete a dissertation.

The NFQ is a ten-level system (1–10) giving an academic or vocational value to qualifications obtained in Ireland. UCD Graduate Courses have associated levels assigned to them in accordance with this framework.

Graduate studies at UCD offer a modularised and credit-based curriculum:

Each module has a credit value typically ranging from 2.5 to 15 credits. This is calculated based on the total student effort. The total student effort includes time spent in-class - at lectures, seminars, laboratories, tutorials or workshops - and time spent on projects or assignments, as well as examinations. It also includes an estimate of independent study time.

One credit represents 20-25 hours of total student effort, therefore a standard 5 credit module represents 100-125 hours of student effort.

NFQ Level: 8
Credits: 60
Duration: Typically 1 year
Transfer & Progression: Masters Degree/Graduate Diploma

Also known as conversion courses as they allow the student to gain knowledge in an area not covered by their undergraduate degree.

NFQ Level: 9
Credits: 90
Duration: Typically 1 Year
Transfer & Progression: Masters Degree or it can be offered as a completely separate course.

NFQ Level: 9
Credits: 90-120
Duration: Typically 1 or 2 years depending on the course of study.
Transfer & Progression: Doctoral Degrees (Subject to School Admission Policy)

Graduate Admissions