Services & Supports for Research Students

View key support services tailored to our research students, including a dedicated Student Adviser and Career and Skills Consultant. UCD also offers resources to maintain your health and wellbeing and a series of further services available to all registered students.

Key Services

Find more information on key support services for our graduate research students


Health and wellbeing

UCD is proud to offer a range of health and wellbeing supports to all registered students. 

  • The UCD Student Health Service provides on-campus medical, psychological and psychiatric care to registered students of the University.
  • The Student Counselling Service is a free and confidential service staffed by professionally qualified psychologists and counsellors.
  • Good mental health is a key factor in our ability to feel a positive sense of connection with ourselves and others. But at times we can struggle, feeling under pressure and isolated. Healthy UCD's Mindfulness inititative, along with other groups across the campus, are promoting better physical, emotional and mental health for staff and students by providing dietary advice, exercise programs, Yoga, Tai Chi classes and mindfulness sessions.
  • UCD Wellbeing offers tips and inspiration to support yourself and stay physically and emotionally healthy during your time of study.
  • The Healthy UCD initiative aims to bring recognition to UCD as a global health promoting university where students, faculty and staff, and the local community work together to ensure the holistic health and wellbeing of every member of the University community.

UCD sports and fitness

UCD has world-class sporting facilities and 54 sports clubs to choose from. These are for the most part student-run and student-led. Clubs provide a huge range of opportunities to train, play and compete in sport, no matter what your passion, ability or level.


Supports at a Glance (downloadable)

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