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As a graduate student, you will develop your critical thinking skills and gain expertise in your discipline. However, it is not always easy to communicate your knowledge and ideas in a written format, especially as academia has its own rules of how writing should be structured, developed, presented, and phrased. We in the UCD Writing Centre can work with you and help you become a better writer.

  • The writing centre is open to all UCD students (undergraduate and graduates) and our services may be particularly helpful for research students
  • We offer occasional workshops on different writing topics, as well as the very popular individual writing sessions
  • At the moment all our sessions are happening online and can be booked on our website

The Writing Centre is located in Link Space 2 of the James Joyce Library; however, we have recently been delivering all sessions via Google Meet. These online sessions are as productive, collaborative, and encouraging as face-to-face sessions.

Did you Know?
The UCD Writing Centre had 3,233 student visits in 2019/20

When & how to engage with the Writing Centre?

During an individual writing session you will work with an experienced writing instructor: once you explain the requirements or purpose of your assignment and your writing issues, the instructor will work with you on a piece of your writing, offering tips and suggestions to improve your writing skills.  You can book your sessions and find out more about us on our website

We can help you at any stage of your degree, at any stage of the writing process, whether you are approaching your assignment question and making a plan, working on your early drafts, or trying to edit and polish a finished paper. The sessions work best, however, if you have attempted some writing, or have done some reading and brainstorming on your topic. If you are stuck with writing or find that you are procrastinating, we suggest you make an appointment with us: it may push you to have at least some writing ready, and the session will motivate you to get back to writing.

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