Research Supervisor Training & Support

1. Research Supervisor Induction

All new academics to UCD are required to undertake a Research Supervisor Induction Session.

  • Information regarding these sessions will normally be communicated to new staff by HR or via their respective Colleges.

2. Research Supervisor Support & Development Programme (RSSDp)

The RSSD programme of workshops, is targeted at new inexperienced research supervisors and more experienced staff who would like to refresh their knowledge on aspects of research supervisory practice. In 2022, the original RSSDp collaboration (UCD, TCD, RCSI) is growing, to include online webinars from a number of IUA colleagues (DCU, MU, NUIG, UCC, UL). These collaborative webinars address common research supervisory practices and challenges, that are not institute specific. Panel discussions with experienced research supervisors, experts in the field, professional staff and students, will take place across this interactive programme.

2022 RSSD Programme of Workshops & Visiting Expert Sessions

The 2022 RSSDp will commence on Friday December 10th at 2pm with a webinar on Successfully Supervising Research Students Remotely by Prof. Bob Harris, Karolinska Institute.

  • The schedule of face to face (f2f) and online workshops is outlined below in two sections, UCD workshops and IUA collaborative webinars.
  • UCD supervisors should book UCD workshops through the UCD Booking Centre and IUA Collaborative webinars through the following Eventbrite link.
  • The venue for f2f UCD workshops is the William Fry Theatre, Sutherland School of Law (L143).
  • Workshops' slides and recordings will be available here.

Please note: UCD supervisors who wish to receive a certificate of participation in research supervisory practice, should attend 5 UCD workshops and 2 of the IUA collaborative webinars. To obtain certification for the programme, it is required to attend workshops taking place within the same calendar year

2022 RSSD Programme of UCD Workshops (Book through UCD Booking Centre)

Date & Time Workshop Location

Fri December 10th


Successfully Supervising Research Students Remotely - Prof Bob Harris, Karolinska Institute



Fri January 28th

Fundamentals of Research Supervision - Visiting Expert Hugh Kearns (Flinders University, iThinkwell, Adelaide)(UCD)

Recording and Slides

Fri February 11th

Attracting the ‘Right’ Candidate (UCD)

William Fry Theatre(L143)Sutherland School of Law
Fri March 4th
Navigating Supervisory Styles, Roles and Responsibilities (UCD) Online
Fri March 25th 
Enhancing the Research Student's Skills Base (UCD) William Fry Theatre(L143)Sutherland School of Law
Fri April 29th 
The Student's Voice (UCD)   Online

Fri May 27th 

Monitoring, Assessment, Examiners, Viva voce (MAEV) (UCD) William Fry Theatre(L143)Sutherland School of Law

2022 RSSD Programme of IUA Collaborative Webinars – (Book through Eventbrite)

Date & Time Workshop Location

Fri February 4th 

Understand Brain Development as it Relates to HEI Students  (UCC) Online

Thu February 17th 

The Same or Different? Supervision of the Professional Doctorate (UL)

Fri February 18th 
Explore Practical Strategies for Enhanced Student Success and the Development of Graduate Attributes through Curriculum Design, Learning,Teaching and Assessment (UCC)    Online
Fri February 25th 
Supervising Research Students & Clinical Practice (RCSI) Online
Wed March 9th 
Intensive writing retreats - a key support for doctoral student success Online
Thu March 24th 
Preparing the Ground: considerations when taking on a new PhD candidate (TCD) Online
Fri April 1st 
Supporting Academic Writing (DCU) Online
Thu April 7th 
Mental Health and Well-being of PGRs (TCD) Online
Thu April 8th 
Recruitment & Selection of Research Students- Top Tips (MU) Online
Thu April 28th 
Career Development & Networking for Research Students (TCD)    Online
Fri May 6th 
Identify the Risks and Opportunities of Contemporary Socio-cultural Contexts Relating to Students’ Learning (UCC)  Online
Thu May 19th 
Navigating difficult conversations with research students (TCD) Online
Fri May 20th
Managing Common Challenges in Research Supervision (NUIG) Online

Booking Information

  • UCD staff can book as usual via the Booking Centre, details below
  • The location or dial-in link will be confirmed to participants in advance of each workshop

Note: UCD staff can view full details & materials from previous workshops via the Staff Intranet

Key Learning Aims* of the RSSD Programme

Upon completion, participants will be able to:

  • Approach student recruitment in a manner which maximizes the likelihood of best candidate selection
  • Navigate institutional policies and procedures
  • Identify their own role as supervisor and frame the doctoral supervision process
  • Advise and assist students on structuring and managing their work
  • Be capable of carrying out a training needs analysis
  • Appreciate the challenges, problems and pitfalls of supervision and identify approaches to overcome these
  • Provide guidance to students on thesis and viva preparation
  • Handle conflict and understand mechanisms through which to seek resolution
  • Gain an understanding of the international norms associated with being an external examiner of research theses
  • Approach research supervision from a pedagogical perspective and examine reflective practice as a tool for practice development

*It is recommended that UCD participants attend all workshops to meet these learning aims. For certification, participants must attend 5 of the UCD workshops and 2 of the collaborative online webinars.