Thesis Submission & Examination

Supervisor Guidelines: Thesis Submission & Examination

There are a number of steps regarding submission and examination that the Principal Supervisor should be aware of when students are within the last year of their doctorate. It is important that you familiarise yourself with the regulations and protocols surrounding the nomination of examiners, dates for examination committees (ACCE), viva voce norms etc.

Students must submit their soft bound thesis with a completed Research Degree Examination Form. The normal practice in UCD is that doctoral students cannot submit a thesis for examination without the written consent of their supervisor.

As Principal Supervisor, you must therefore sign this form confirming that the research has been carried out and that the final draft submitted was prepared under your guidance for examination. The supervisor essentially signs off that the final draft for submission is worthy of being examined at viva voce for the award of PhD The Principal Supervisor must also confirm that the student has satisfied the requirements of the programme, including any taught modules or research activity.

The e-Thesis Exam System is UCD’s secure online system through which research students can submit their research thesis for examination. The system enables electronic thesis submission, author verification, programme compliance check, and progress tracking through all stages of the process. Information regarding the process can be explored here.


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