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OPTIWIND is an SFI funded project led by Dr. Paul Doherty.


The key focus of the OPTIWIND research project is to identify whether an efficient structural health monitoring (SHM) strategy can be developed for monitoring and assessing the in-situ performance of offshore wind turbine foundations. This monitoring tool would provide certainty about the sub-structure performance.


Over the foundation lifetime, the proposed SHM tool could be an essential component of the operations and maintenance (OPEX) strategy, removing the need for reactive maintenance measures and thus significantly reducing costs. Sensors on the turbine nacelle already work as a remote sensing tool for electro-mechanical maintenance management. This project is exploring SHM strategies that could be deployed on the substructure which will be part of the wind farm quality assurance process - increasing the structural reliability and safety in the offshore wind energy sector. This work is integrating knowledge from other industries with specific numerical modeling techniques tailored for offshore wind foundations. The output of this project will be a monitoring strategy tailored for offshore turbine.