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Purpose Vision Mission and Strategic Business Aims


Work with UCD, the Ireland East Hospital Group and Community Healthcare Organisations to create an Academic Health Science System to improve teaching, training, research, and innovation in Irish healthcare for the benefit of patients, carers and health care staff.


Create a leading, sustainable Academic Health Science System in the Ireland East Hospital Group and affiliated community areas. 


Link the smaller and major teaching hospitals, community organisations and UCD to develop the  Academic Health Science System via teaching, training, research and innovation across the system.

Strategic Business Aims

  • Establish a formal partnership between UCD and IEHG to develop the AHSC.
  • Increase communication and collaboration across the hospital groups, universities and community organisations via the weekly national Chief Academic Officer Forum hosted by UCD Health Affairs.
  • Establish key areas of medical science within the AHSS to improve excellent and efficient personalised precision medicine within a caring clinical setting.
  • Enable innovations to flow from clinical and academic research to benefit the patient and Irish industry resulting in benefit to Irish society.
  • Influence national and international policy in healthcare, science, and education to underpin the AHSC/AHSS model and improve patient outcomes, morbidity and mortality. 
  • Encourage and facilitate the undergraduate and postgraduate teaching and training across IEHG and UCD, using traditional and more modern methods (i.e. simulation education).

Delivering our strategic aims 2021 – 2025

We will achieve our aims through 10 primary functions:

  1. Creating an Academic Health Science System (AHSS)
    Advocating for a UCD/IEHG joint partnership to create an AHSS.
  2. Engaging Research at UCD 
    Connecting researchers in UCD with our hospital researchers and community partners to further enhance patient care via the UCD Health Affairs AHSS Grants.
  3. Operational Excellence 
    Working with the IEHG and UCD researchers to analyse data from patient pathways to redesign hospital services.
  4. Teaching and Training
    Supporting traditional educational methods and interdisciplinary simulation teaching and training across IEHG and UCD.
  5. Academic Medicine 
    Advocating for increased involvement of universities in postgraduate training of healthcare professionals and to prepare students to be lifelong learners.
  6. Prioritising Innovation 
    Connecting Nova UCD, UCD Innovation Academy, IEHG and industry to generate innovation funding and opportunities in our hospitals and UCD.
  7. Digital Innovation
    Working with relevant UCD Schools and IEHG to maximise digital technologies to revolutionise healthcare and research.
  8. Industry Engagement 
    Engage industry both nationally and internationally in the research and production of innovative treatments for patients.
  9. Academic partnerships
    Working with Chief Academic Officers in Irish Hospital Groups and international health organisations to develop academic partnerships to enhance opportunities for staff within UCD and IEHG. 
  10. Communicating Effectively
    Promoting UCD and IEHG as a place of world leading research and innovation – influnencing national and international policy in education and healthcare. 

UCD Health Affairs

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