UCD provides a number of restaurants, coffee shops and cafes in various locations across campus. With over 20 units, UCD ensures you’re never too far away from a hot meal, refreshments or a quick snack! It’s UCD's responsibility to offer a combination of choices and convenience to our campus community and UCD is committed to introduce a nutritionally sound offering through its service providers. 

The following initiatives have been :

  • UCD Street Food Market every Thursday
  • Inaugural UCD Healthy Eating Week which takes place every February
  • Nutrifact calorie counters in Pulse and Readers
  • The removal of high sugar sweetened beverages from UCD campus
  • Opening of Chopped in the main restaurant
  • Extension of Healthy Eating options at cafés across campus

Click here to view an interactive map of all UCD's eating establishments.

Click here to view a 7 day meal plan guide