InstaSalad Challenge

To celebrate Healthy Eating Week (19-25th February) we are challenging you to create a masterpiece. Unlike most masterpieces, you’ll get to eat this one when it’s finished.

The InstaSalad Challenge is pretty simple:

  • Make the salad‌
  • Share the salad (tag #healthyucd on Instagram or we won’t see it)
  • Eat the salad


  • It’s ok to use, or build on, ideas you’ve seen in restaurants, books or TV. Just ensure you’re the one making the salad.
  • This is a healthy eating challenge so please leave out the croutons, processed meats and high fat dressings.

Feel free to enter as many times as you like. Start making, snapping and tagging your salads from Monday 19th February.  Our expert panel will be reviewing entries throughout the week, searching for the best dressed salads. Prizes and additional steps will be awarded for the healthiest looking salads.

#healthyucd #UCDHEW