Keith Cameron Chair of Australian History

In 1985 the Keith Cameron Professorship of Australian History was endowed by the Commonwealth of Australia and the family of Dr Tony O'Reilly. Keith Cameron was a distinguished Australian mining engineer and company director. In 2006, the then Australian Ambassador to Ireland, Anne Plunkett, recommended that the Keith Cameron Chair of Australian History should be re-endowed by the Australian government. Prime Minister John Howard announced the renewed funding during his visit to UCD on 22 May 2006.

The Current Keith Cameron Professor

Martin Thomas 

Holders of the Chair

Robert Reece (Murdoch) 1987-89

John Molony (formerly Australian National University) 1989-93

David Day (La Trobe) 1993-96

Judith Brett (La Trobe) 1998-2000

Brian de Garis (Murdoch) 2000-02

Nicholas Brown (Australian National University) 2003-04

Hilary Carey (Newcastle, NSW), 2005-06

Stuart Ward (Copenhagen), 2008-2009

Katie Holmes (La Trobe), 2010

Mark McKenna (Sydney), 2011

Hamish Maxwell-Stewart (Tasmania), 2012

James Curran (Sydney), 2013

Jeff Kildea (UNSW), 2014

Erik Eklund (Federation University, Victoria), 2015-16

Amanda Nettelbeck (University of Adelaid), 2018

Martin Thomas (Australian National University) 2019 - 2020