School of History Alumni Event - The German Election 2021 in Historical Perspective

On the 20th September, the School of History will host an online panel discussion about the German federal election. This promises to be one of the most important political events of recent years. Chancellor Angela Merkel will definitely leave office, but the likely make-up of the next government is up for grabs. 

The panel discussion will place the campaign in an historical perspective, looking at longer term changes in German politics and the implication of the election not only for Germany, but also for Europe.

Chair: Professor Robert Gerwarth (School of History, UCD)


Michael Collins (Director General of the Irish Institute for European Affairs, former ambassador to Berlin)

Professor Christina Morina (Department of History, University of Bielefeld)   

Dr Ned Richardson-Little (Department of History, Erfurt University)

Derek Scally (The Irish Times' Berlin Correspondent)'

To register for this event, please follow this link