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Postgraduate Research

We have a flourishing PhD community within the School of History. If you would like to apply to undertake a PhD with us please visit research degrees section of our website.

Current Research Students

  • Browne, Shane: Moore’s Military: Understanding Maurice Moore and the National Volunteers in Irish History, 1914-1918
  • Carmichael, Krystal: Medieval miracle accounts in Britain and Ireland as a source for medical practice 
  • Casserly, Maeve: Public History and Cultural Heritage 
  • Centala, Karol: Diplomatic Relations between the Republic of Ireland and Poland, 1945-1990
  • Cranny Walsh, Aoife: The role of women in Lebor Gabála Érenn
  • Doolan, Denis: The Irish policy of the Conservative Party, 1920-1929
  • Evans, Angela: Medieval Manners and Social Etiquette, 1150-1550
  • Fallon, Donal: The politics of republican commemoration in 1930 Dublin
  • Grannell, James: ‘Strong and manly and healthy’: Masculinity and Men’s Health in Ireland, 1983-2008
  • Grant, Rebecca: Archivists engaging with Research Data
  • Heffernan, Conor: Ireland’s Physical Culture Movement 1898-1923
  • Heney, Michael: Unresolved aspects of the Arms Crisis, 1969-1970
  • Houlihan, James: The Law of the Innocents 697 AD: a law for non-combatants-its place in the history of international humanitarian law. 
  • Kelly, Mary: The Liberal Arts in Medieval Glendalough: manuscripts, impact and legacy
  • Oakley Kessler, Trisha: The Connaught Hatters: Jewish refugee businesses established in 1937-1940 in a period of economic nationalism in Ireland
  • Kinsella, Sharon: A snapshot in time: The Dublin Congress of the Patrician Year (1961)
  • Lynch, Michael: A critical biography of James Green Douglas (1887-1954)
  • MacNamara, Ronan: The effects of humanitarian programmes (cash and voucher) on ongoing conflicts
  • McCarthy, Patrick: Legislation enacted by the Irish Parliament 1692-1782: The background, implications and benefits of the laws that fashion Ireland with a system that endures to the present day
  • Mulcahy, Caren: Meath in the Later Middle Ages (1172- c.1540). Settlement and People
  • O’Brien, Matthew: The Black Power Movement and Grassroots Activism in Chicago, 1968-1983
  • Prevost-Gregoire, Florence: Family Matters: International Paradigms Between World Wars
  • Reid, Peter: The care of children with mental deficiency in Dublin and Galway c.1900 to 1912
  • Reilly, Michael: Agricultural Memory and Archives: A Case Study of the Records of Teagasc
  • Troile, Daniele: Social, political and military development of the late Communi and early Signorie in central Italy
  • Wang, Yuanding: A Comparative Study of the Effects of War Policies in Medieval Societies: The Angevin and Song Empires in the 12th century.
  • Xie, Yanli: The Study of British Railway introduction into China: the role of railway technology transfer in the West-East interactions and the Anglo-Chinese relations from 1860s to 1890s 

Previous Postgraduates


Bance, Stephen: The History of the Poliomyelitis epidemic in modern Ireland

Cheriau, Raphaël: “L’Intervention d’Humanité” or the Humanitarian Right of Intervention in International Relations: Zansibar, France and Britain in between Colonial Expansion and Struggle against the Slave Trade from mid-19th C to early 1900s

Walsh, Philip: The Blakes of Ballyglunin: Catholic merchants and landowners of Galway town and country in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries


Collins, Claire: On the Origins and Development of Crom Dubh

Mc Guckian, Sile : Endeavour of a Liberal Viceroy: Richard, Marquess Wellesley in Ireland, 1821-1828

O’Donnchadha, Eoin: Fotha Filed Foglaim, Dliged Dúaine Dúas: The Social Identity and Operation of the Early Irish Filid c. 600-100 AD

O’Halloran, John: Mary I’s Irish Bishops and Papal Commissary Davis Wolf SJ: Conformists or Counter Reformers


Andersen, Nina V.: ‘The Law of God’: the Catholic Church and the Northern Ireland conflict, 1968-1977

Balbirnie, Steven: British Imperialism in the Arctic: The British occupation of Archangel and Murmansk, 1918-1919

Blaney, Leanne: The motor car in Ireland, 1896-1959

Cox, Jeffrey: The Reformation, Catholicism and Religious change in Co Kildare, 1560-1640

Durnin, David: Medical Provision and the Irish Experience of the First World War, 1912-1925

McLoughlin, Keith: The British Left and the political economy of defence expenditure, 1974-1979

Murphy, Ciaran: Congressional oversight of the United States Intelligence Community, 1974-1984

Murphy, Sherra: Reflection on the Necro-Zoo: The Museum of Natural History, Dublin as visual and material cultureNolan, Frances: Jacobite Women and the Williamite Confiscation: the role of women and female minors in reclaiming compromised or forfeited property in Ireland, 1690-1703


Burke, Thomas: The Learning Experiences of the Royal Dublin Fusiliers in the First World War, August 1914 to December 1916

Gorey,Philomena: Managing Midwives in Ireland. From Ecclesiastical Regulation to State Registration c. 1630-1918

Long, Ann Marie: Relationship between Iceland and Norway c.870-c.1100)

Mauger, Alice: The great class which lies between: provision for the non-pauper insane in Ireland, 1830 – 1900

Tobin, Conor: ‘A Soviet Vietnam?’: Zbigniew Brzezinksi, the Carter Administration, and the Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan

Virtuani, Paolo: The Knights of St John of Jerusalem in Medieval Ireland (c.1169-1378)


Dos Santos Pereira Farrell, Elaine: Taboos and Penitence: Analysis of the Irish Medieval society conversion process and the constitution of a popular religion (centuries VI-VII)

Johnston, Neil: Court and Country against the Castle: A study of the principal Catholic Palesmen and their manipulation of patronage networks in promoting their interests in Post-Cromwellian Ireland

Mesa Gallego, Eduardo de: The Irish Tercios in the Spanish Military Revolution, 1621-44

Mulrennan, Kirsten: Issues in archiving twentieth century medical records in Ireland: gender, access and ethics

Murphy, Brian: The Politics of the Presidency: An Appraisal of the Office of President of Ireland, 1938-1973

O’Regan, Kevin: Our Souls Go Forth: A Study of the American Reaction to the Anglo-Boer War

Roulston, Robbie Ivan: The Church of Ireland and the Irish state: institution, community and state relations, 1922-1982

Smith, Keith: A survey of the provenance and survival of ecclesiastical objects in Ireland from the later medieval period


Coleman, Aiden: The Career of Michael Boyle, Archbishop and Lord Chancellor of Ireland, 1660-86

Cosi, Gessica: Eamon de Valera and Irish America

Dawson, Elizabeth: Perceptions of Conversion in Seventh-Eleventh Century Ireland: Representations of Religious Transformation in the Lives of Brigit and Patrick

Farrell, Jennifer: The Concept of the Past in Geoffrey of Monmouth

Forbes, Suzanne: Society, Print and Politics in Ireland: 1691-1725

Hoey, Fintan: Satô and America: U.S.-Japanese Political, Military and Diplomatic Relations During the Tenure of Satô Eisaku, Prime Minister of Japan, 1964-72

Keane, John-Paul: The Algerian War in Paris: Maurice Papon’s Harkis, Torture and the FLN (1960-1962)

Millin, Nathan: Surviving Death: Spiritual and Somatic Resurrection and Elements of Pauline Eschatology in the Hiberno-Latin Tradition

Mulvagh, Conor: Sit, Act, and vote: the political evolution of the Irish Parliamentary Party at Westminster, 1900-1918

O’Connor, Steven: Irish Officers in the British Armed Forces, 1922-49

Schillern, Evelien: The Dutch involvement in the Williamite War in Ireland, 1689-'91