Irish Research Council Applicants

Supports for the Irish Research Council Postdoctoral Fellowships ( IRC GOI PD) call are available on the UCD Research Portal. If you are not able to access the UCD Research Portal, a google drive folder with the same documents will be made available to you. Please fill in this form to request access. Queries can be sent to

Irish Research Council Government of Ireland graduate scholarships and post-doctoral fellowships
Both of the above funding schemes opened on 2 September 2021. As in previous years, the School has established a research committee to read and advise on draft proposals to these schemes (both have a closing date of 21 October). In order to facilitate colleagues at an unusually busy time of the year, I would ask you as potential supervisors/mentors to submit proposals to in advance of Thursday 23 September. It is anticipated that comments on proposals from the research committee will be returned to potential supervisors/mentors by Thursday 30 September at the latest.