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Internal Mobility and Development Programme


The Internal Mobility & Development Programme is an internal labour market for UCD staff. Below you will find an outline of the Programme, related polices, documents and answers to frequently asked questions

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The Internal Mobility & Development Programme which has been approved by the University Management Team (UMT).  This initiative was designed by UCD HR to enhance the opportunities for Professional, Administrative and Technical Staff and aligns with the objectives of the Public Sector Agreement to create an internal labour market for Public Service staff.

Under the Internal Mobility & Development Programme all positions from the grade SEA up to SAO2 will be advertised internally first.  It is only in situations where Schools/Units are unable to select an internal candidate that they would look at advertising to the external market.  Entry level grades such as EA or Lab Attendant are excluded from this proposal as the posts do not provide a promotional opportunity and will typically be filled by an external candidate.

The programme will be piloted for one year initially and feedback/ suggestions would be welcome during the pilot phase.  Further details will be available on the HR website in the coming weeks and all queries can be directed to your Recruitment Team Lead.

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Ask HR

  • What is classified as an entry level post?
  • Can I advertise an entry level post internally only?
  • Can I advertise a post internally within my own school or unit?
  • What is the notice period for candidates?
  • I have a specialist role which I don’t believe will be filled internally. Can I advertise externally to avoid delays?
  • Does this policy replace the personal Promotion Scheme?

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