Travel Pass Scheme

The Travel Pass Scheme allows employees to purchase an annual bus, rail, Luas tickets through UCD.  Below details on how the scheme operates and on how you can participate in the scheme. UCD HR is working in partnership with a company called TravelHub / Bike To Work Ltd. to administer the scheme.

Who is the scheme open to?

The scheme is open to all permanent, indefinite duration and fixed term employees. 

The tax incentive works through a salary sacrifice arrangement whereby the University bears the full upfront cost of the travel ticket(s) and the staff member pays back through salary deduction, over a 12-month period or over the remainder of your contract if this is less than 12 months. 

Please see below for details on how to apply.

Impact of COVID-19 on traveling to work

Learn about special arrangements for travel tickets and bicycle orders.

Travel Pass process

Step 1: Go to the TravelHub microsite for UCD or returning users with an existing account can login at

Step 2: Select which travel service you wish to purchase a ticket for i.e. Bus, Rail or Coach. 

Step 3: Once you have entered your order details click Preview Purchase Agreement. The purchase agreement will auto populate based on the information you have entered on your order.

Step 4: Click “I agree to Purchase Agreement” and Submit.

Step 5: Orders must be submitted by 5pm on the 10th of the month for this to be processed that month (tickets will then commence the following month). If the 10th falls on a weekend, your order must be submitted by 5pm on the Friday beforehand.

Step 6: UCD approves your order and arranges payment for your travel ticket(s).

Step 7: TravelHub send all new tickets to UCD HR who will then email you to arrange ticket collection. If you have an existing Leap card and ordering a renewal, you will receive an email from TravelHub detailing how to renew your ticket onto your existing Leap card. TravelHub and UCD are dependent on the timely distribution of tickets by the travel provider and will always endeavour to get your tickets to you as soon as possible.

Step 8: Deductions from your salary will commence from the first of the following month.