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HR Services Service Level Agreement (SLA)


HR Services are responsible for putting processes, procedures and systems in place to support the cost effective provision of HR services which meet the expectations and needs of the University. We are committed to providing a high quality service which is responsive to customer needs. This SLA is an internal service agreement which is jointly owned by HR Services and the Customer. The purpose of this SLA is to describe the services we provide and the quality standards we have agreed in terms of service.

UCD HR services will monitor our performance against the service levels set out in this agreement and publish the results as Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). This agreement will be reviewed annually and updated as appropriate to reflect new services provided, services eliminated and changing business needs.

The KPIs reports provide clear metrics for the delivery of key functions along with the ability to monitor, publish and review these results through the this HR Internet site and staff Infohub reports.

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Service Level Agreements

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KPI Reports

  • Recruitment KPI Reports (UCD InfoHub)

  • HR Helpdesk KPIs (Under Development)

  • Compensation & Benefits (Under Development)

  • Pensions Office (Under Development)

Recruitment KPI

R‌ecruitment KPI Reports (UCD InfoHub)

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Roles and Responsibilities

Working with our Customers

The purpose of the SLA is to define expectations of HR Services and the Customer and to enhance customer satisfaction with the level of service provided.

 HR Services and the Customers agree to work within the spirit of the SLA and are committed to:

  • Ensuring a successful relationship between HR Services and the Customer. 
  • Working together to achieve the service levels documented in this agreement and ensuring a quality service.


HR Services Responsibilities

HR Services undertake to:

  • Provide clear and accessible information including policies and procedures to guide customers on our service offering.
  • Deliver our services in accordance with the SLAs set out in this document.
  • Monitor our performance and publish the results.
  • Welcome feedback on our performance, and suggestions for improvement and make adjustments to our services based on the information we receive.
  • Provide explanations when our services do not meet acceptable standards of quality.
  • Review feedback on our performance and any suggestions for improvement.
  • Make adjustments to our services as appropriate based on the information we receive.


Customer Responsibilities

Our Customers undertake to:

  • Familiarise themselves with the policies, procedures and forms set out by HR Services.
  • Engage with HR Services at the earliest opportunity to discuss service requirements.
  • Complete all activities owned by the customer and respond to requests for information in a timely manner.
  • Provide feedback on the services provided.



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