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Interview & Selection Process

Overview - UCD Hiring Process

  • Once a post has been created and advertised, the School / Unit should select and appoint a suitable candidate (if any). Below you will find outlines of the processes involved in securing the most appropriate candidate for the position available.
  • Guidelines and steps for setting up interview boards and issuing feedback are also detailed. Finally, links to policies governing the selection and appointment of candidates are provided for those seeking more comprehensive information, as well as details on the agreed Resourcing's Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

Note: Interview Trainng for board members is available from UCD Learning & Development.


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UCD Hiring Process - Summary

Below you will find a brief outline of the Selection & Appointment process. Key points and events have been indicated throughout.

 Selection & Appointment ProcessActions Required 
Step 1: Formation of Interview Board Complete Board of Assessors Form 
Step 2: Interview Board prepares shortlist

View board pack through ESS.
Submit shortlisting sheet to UCD HR Resourcing

Step 3: UCD HR Resourcing contacts shortlisted candidates for attending interview  
Step 4: Interview (+optional presentation) Board completes scoresheets
Step 5: Choose recommended candidate Board completes Recommendation Form 
Step 6: Feedback Board issues feedback (if requested)
Step 7: UCD HR requests further candidate information  
Step 8: Contractual discussions / Contract issued  

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Formation of Interview Board

The Assessment Board assess all applications against pre-defined Selection Criteria. These criteria are identified early on in the process when creating the post, or when preparing a post for backfilling.

Sections 8 & 9 of UCD’ Resourcing and Selection Policy provides relevant information on:

  • Additional assessment techniques/tools to supplement Selection
  • Advice on finalising both the composition & levels of representation for Assessment Boards, relevant to the category of vacancy (i.e. Non-Academic, Academic or Professorial)
  • How to deal with a perceived ‘Conflict of Interest’ and if necessary, to change an Assessment Boards composition mid-process (for exceptional cases only)

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The Assessment Board undertakes a structured review of all applications with a view to excluding those which fail to sufficiently meet the specified criteria.

 Section 10 of UCD’s Resourcing and Selection Policy provides relevant information on:

  • The process involved in creating an applicant shortlist, including information on what Assessors should and should not do.
  • Supporting documents and why it is important to have a clear and detailed record of decisions made by the Assessment Board at this stage of the process.
  • The availability of (optional) pre-screening services to support Schools/Units. Helpful in instances where it is anticipated there will be a large volume of applicants applying for a post.

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Considered to be the primary method of selection, interviews are conducted with the aim of identifying that applicant(s) worthy of receiving an appointment offer.

 Sections 11 of UCD’ Resourcing and Selection Policy provides relevant information on:

  • Interviewing and Interview preparation, including other forms of assessment available to support the interview process
  • The role and responsibilities of both the Chair and HR Resourcing Administrator in regards to scheduling interviews and providing sufficient notice to candidates coming to interview
  • How to structure formal interviews and ensure they are conduced in line with UCD’s Guidelines for Assessment Boards

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Making a Recommendation for the successful candidate(s)

At the end of the interview, the Interview Board must decide if a suitable candidate can be recommended for the post. It should be noted that not every interview results in a recommendation being made.

Section 11 of UCD's Resourcing and Selection Policy provides relevant information on:

  • Making a fair assessment and determining which candidate will be the recommended candidate, and again, documenting the decision-making process correctly.

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Feedback Request - Shortlisting & Interview Stages

Requests for feedback often occur at both the Shortlisting and Interview stages of the Selection Process.

Candidates who been informed they are excluded from proposed interviews, or are unsuccessful following an interview, must submit a request in writing if they are seeking feedback.

 Sections 18 of UCD’s Resourcing and Selection Policy provides relevant information on:

  • UCD’s commitment to facilitating applicants requested for feedback in an informative and structured manor
  • The purpose of feedback and how the Chairperson (or nominate) can effectively deliver it
  • The availability of advice and assistance from HR on preparing for and delivering candidate feedback.

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Post-Interview Process (Requests for further information)

As part of the our hiring processes, it will be necessary for UCD HR Resourcing Team to collect references and original academic transcripts prior to formally making an offer of appointment. This procedure will be followed for sucessful candidates only.

Sections 12 & 13 of UCD’s Resourcing and Selection Policy provides relevant information on:

  • Referee reports
  • Verifying qualifications

Note: Only original academic transcripts will be accepted for verifying qualifications

An academic transcript lists your complete academic history: programmes attended, courses studied, overall result at the end of each year examination (1H, 2H1, etc.), the degree and conferring date.

A breakdown of marks for each subject can also be provided. For qualifications obtained in UCD, please notify HR Resourcing who will verify these at source.

Pre-employment Medicals and/or Medical Assessments are undertaken as a standard practice for posts of one year’s duration or greater. Assessing an individual’s fitness for a particular position, or occupation, with reference to the requirements of that post is essential in some categories of appointment i.e. Lab Attendants.

 Sections 14 - 17 of UCD’s Resourcing and Selection Policy provides relevant information on: 

  • The necessity of employing a Medical Check (and in some instances a Medical Assessment) prior to finalising an appointment
  • Offering an Appointment and notifying unsuccessful candidates – which may be considered to be the closing steps of the Selection and Appointment Process.
  • Communicating with candidates post interview, including clarification that Board members should not contact a recommended candidate(s) until the appointment process is complete and a formal offer made by HR Resourcing Team
  • Reserve Candidature and Eligibility for same – discusses the likelihood that additional suitable candidates may be identified during the interview stage of the hiring process.

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Contractual Discussions

Following completion of both Selection and Appointment procedures UCD HR Resourcing Team will formally offer the appointment in question to the Recommended Candidate(s). 

Initially an offer will be made verbally with a commitment to issuing the individual a Contract of Employment as soon as any variable Terms and Conditions are discussed, finalised and agreed; for example. 

  • A salary is determined and offered by UCD HR in accordance with the Department of Finance guidelines. 
  • A commencement date is to be agreed taking into account (in the majority of cases) an appointees commitment to work out a notice period attached to their current employment contract. 
  • Hours of work i.e. Certain part-time posts allow for flexibility so agreement in relation to operational hours is required. Agreement will also be required for appointments operating on a Job-Share basis.

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Onboarding Employer Checklists

View or download helpful checklists to assist you with the onboarding of your new team member and setting them up for success in their new role.

Here you will find useful hints/actions to complete prior to joining, first week (induction) and regular follow up.

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Resourcing - Policies / Guidelines

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Interviewer Training

If you are scheduled to participate in interviews as a Board Member or want to brush up on your technique then take a look at the training options available in our Staff Development section.

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If you need to speak to a member of UCD HR Resourcing Team (Core Funded Resourcing posts only), please call us on + 353 (01) 716 4932.

Alternatively, please go to UCD HR Resourcing Contact List to visualise the contact details from all members of the UCD HR Resourcing: Resourcing Contact List