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Research Funded Online Hiring Forms


This section outlines the NEW online process for hiring a member of staff into a Research Funded Post using the Hiring & Employee Changes Forms on InfoHub. 

These new online forms have replaced the paper based "Research Authorisation Forms" or RAFs. Paper based RAFs will still be accepted for a transition period but we encourage users to create new forms using the new online system in order to experience an enhanced resourcing process.

Futher details on the new system including user guides, FAQs and the contact details of the Resourcing consultants are available at the following link: Online Hiring Forms & Employee Changes(UCD InfoHub).


The new process outlined below should be followed for all:

  • New Posts 
  • Replacement Posts
  • Direct Hires
  • Contract Extensions
  • Maternity & Other Leaves Cover 
  • All other posts and exceptions not covered by the above 
  • Changes in Hours, Salary or Grant Code

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How it works

Step 1: Vacant Post Identified or Change in Employment Details requested. 

Step 2: Select 1 of the 4 options on the Online Hiring and Employee Changes forms either:

  1. Advertise a Role
  2. Extend an Employee's Contract
  3. Direct Hire
  4. Change Employment Details.

Step 3: Posts should be assessed under the Employment Contract Management Policies (UCD Intranet):

Employment Contract Management Policy (SET Colleges)
Employment Contract Management Policy (HES Colleges)

Step 4: Please review the Skilled Resource Pool (SRP) prior to submitting an online hiring form (UCD Staff access only - enter UCD Connect username & password).

Step 5: Contact your local Resourcing Consultant to discuss the objective grounds for this post, Job Description and advertising particulars in relation to this post.

Step 6: The Research Finance Office ( should be contacted if a new grant code needs to be setup or if clarifications need to be sought in relation to funding or project end dates.  This process should be done in tandem with the advertisment of a new post.  Please note: Extensions, Direct Hires or Changes in Hours cannot be submitted through the online form process unless the funding is already in place. 

Step 7: Complete the mandatory fields on the Online Hiring and Employee Changes (Research Funded) Form in UCD InfoHub so that the form can move to the next stage in the approval workflow. 

Step 8: Once the form has completed the approval workflow, your local Resourcing Consultant will review the form before it is submitted to the Resourcing Support team to be actioned.

Step 9: Once the post has been advertised a member of the Resourcing Support Team (responsible for administrating the posts associated with your School/Unit) will contact you in order to progress the competition. Your local Resourcing Consultant, however, remains your key point of contact throughout the resourcing process.

Step 10: Once an appointee and salary has been identified the Research Finance Office will act as the final approvers in the workflow before a contract is issued to the employee. 

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Other Relevant Documents & Links

  • Online Hiring and Employee Changes Forms Research Funded (UCD InfoHub link)

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