13th ECLRNI Research Symposium

Saturday, 5 December 2015

The 13th Annual Symposium of the Eighteenth Century Literature Research Network in Ireland (ECLRNI) will take place on Saturday 5th December at the UCD Humanities Institute (Room H204, top floor). The Humanities Institute is building number 30 (grid ref F9) on the UCD campus map available at: www.ucd.ie/maps

13th ECLRNI Research Symposium
Humanities Institute, University College Dublin
Saturday 5 December 2015

10.15-10.55 Coffee and biscuits

10.55-11.00 Welcome: Ian Campbell Ross (TCD) and Porscha Fermanis (UCD)
11.00-11.40 Panel 1. Chair: Ian Campbell Ross
Margaret Kelleher (UCD), ‘'Eighteenth-century studies and the field of our literary profession'

11.40-12.55 Panel 2. Chair: tba
Ian Leask (Mater Dei, DCU), ‘Stoicism in Toland’s Pantheisticon’
Prayag Ray (QUB), ‘Ambivalence and the Exotic in Enlightenment Thought: The Agreement of the Customs of the East Indians with Those of the Jews (1705)’
Porscha Fermanis (UCD), ‘British Creoles: Nationhood, Identity and Romantic Geo-Politics in Robert Southey’s History of Brazil’

12.55-13.55 Lunch

13.55-15.10 Panel 3. Chair: tba
Moyra Haslett (QUB), 'The Fair Intellectual Club' (Edinburgh 1719)
Amy Prendergast (TCD), ‘“Elle est arrivée en habit d’Amazone”: Encounters with Public and Private Women in the Diary of Elias Bouhéreau’
Joe Lines (QUB), ‘“The Voice of Toleration”: Irish Religion in The Minor, or the History of George O’Nial (1786)’

15.10-15.30 Tea and biscuits

15.30-16.45 Panel 4. Chair: tba
Lucy Cogan (QUB), William Blake's Book of Thel and the Science of Education’
Tim Carson (QUB), 'The glowing phrase of ancient inspiration serving me': Biblical Texturing in The Prelude.
Aileen Douglas (TCD), ‘Pope, Blake and Isaac D’Israeli’

16.45-16.50 Closing Remarks: Ian Campbell Ross

Co-organizers: Porscha Fermanis (UCD), Margaret Kelleher (UCD), Ian Campbell Ross (TCD)