Annual HI PhD Conference | 19 February 2021

Transnational Humanities: Concept and Praxis

Webinar: UCD Humanities Institute PhD Conference

Friday, 19th February 2021

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12.00-12.15 Welcome by Prof. Anne Fuchs, Director, UCD Humanities Institute

Panel 1: Knowledge, Identity, Culturality
Chair: Susan Mihalik (University College Dublin)

12.15-12.30 Mengzhen Yue (University College Dublin)
Translating Ancient Greek Texts in China (1950s-1960s): A ‘transnational’ practice and the (re)building of modern Chinese education system

12.30-12.45 Clare Kelly (University College Dublin)
“I write as though I am telling the story orally”: Jennifer Nansubuga Makumbi and the construction of an author-as-storyteller identity in the transnational literary market.

12.45-13.00 Diana Ekor Ofana (University of Fort Hare)
How can Inter-cultural Philosophy contribute to social integration in a changing world?

13.00-13.20 Discussion

13.20-13.30 Break

13.30-14.30 Keynote
 "Shaping Space while Stateless: Insights from transcultural interactions"
Dr Ailbhe Kenny (Mary Immaculate College, University of Limerick)
Chair: Zhengfeng Wang (University College Dublin)

14.30-14.40 Break

Panel 2: Space, Place and Materiality
Chair: Suchismita Dattagupta (University College Dublin)

14.40-14.55 Bernadette Fox (University College Dublin)
Samuel Beckett’s Transnationalism: The ebb and flow of seascapes simultaneously local and global

14.55-15.10 Chris McCann (National University of Ireland Galway)
Pavarotti's Sean-nós World Tour: Music, place-time, and transnational cultural exchange in Irish prose literature   

15.10-15.25 Prolet Decheva (University College Dublin)
Lost or Found: The migration of Late Antique and Byzantine objects from museum collections to an 'interconnected' digital space? Some practical challenges

15.25-15.45 Discussion

15.45-15.55 Break

Panel 3: Migration, Stateness, Politicality
Chair: Zequn Zhang (University College Dublin)

15.55-16.10 Katharina Fuerholzer (University of Pennsylvania)
Giving Voice to the Voiceless: Poetry as a counterpoint to the atrocities of migration

16.10-16.25 Tim Meulemans (University of Antwerp)Transnational Law and the Challenge to National Sovereignty

16.25-16.40 Daniel Dzah (Tulane University)
Transnationalism and Liberal Political Philosophy of Migration

16.40-17.00 Discussion

17.00-17.15 TNH-PhD Network

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The conference is convened by Resident Scholars of the UCD Humanities Institute. @UCDHumanities