HI Lunchtime Seminar Series 2021-2022 (Spring)

Venue: Hi Seminar Room H204 (top floor)

Time: 1.10-2pm


Thursday, 27th January 2022

Professor Kath Browne | Chair: Prof. Anne Fuchs

UCD School of Geography

"Liveable Lives: Desiring Life LGBTQ People in India and the UK"


Thursday, 10th February 2022

Professor Anne Fogarty | Chair: Bianca Cataldi

UCD School of English Drama & Film

""Feeling catty": Reading Animals in Short Stories by Contemporary Irish Women Writers"


Thursday, 24th February 2022

Dr Patrick Nickleson | Chair: Dr Stephan Ehrig

UCD School of Music /IRC Postdoctoral Fellow

“What do graphic scores hold together?”


Tuesday, 1st March 2022

Prof. Jane Koustas | Chair: Dr Patrick Nickleson

Professor of French, Brock University, Ontario, Canada & HI Visiting Fellow

“Monologue as Agency: Women and the Skin They’re In”


Thursday, 10th March 2022

Dr Adam Kelly | Chair: Jaclyn Allen

UCD School of English, Drama and Film

“Trust the Tale, not the Teller? Art and Propaganda in Contemporary Russia"

Thursday, 24th March 2022

Dr Sean O’Brien | Chair: Mike Norris

UCD School of English, Drama and Film / IRC Postdoctoral Fellow

“The Aesthetics of Stagnation: Form and Genre after Growth”


Tuesday, 29th March 2022

Dr Stephanie Kapusta | Chair: Prof. Katherine O'Donnell

Dept. of Philosophy, Dalhousie University, Halifax & HI Visiting Fellow

“On Joining the Resistance: Social Tools, Social Norms, and Some Advantages of Nonconformity”


Wednesday, 20th April 2022

Professor Stephen Kelly | Chair: Dr Katie Mishler

History, Politics and IR, School of Humanities, Liverpool Hope University & HI Visiting Fellow

““Carry on – just don’t get caught”: Margaret Thatcher and alleged collusion between the British state and Loyalist paramilitaries during the Northern Ireland conflict, 1979-1990”

Tuesday, 26th April 2022

Professor Hilary Hinds | Chair: Mike Norris

English and Creative Writing, Lancaster University & HI Visiting Fellow

"Memory and Time in Early Quakerism"