The 'Pull' of Early Picasso: Boy With a Horse (1906)

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Speaker: Margaret MacNamidhe, Art History

Title: The 'Pull' of Early Picasso: Boy With a Horse (1906)

Date: 4 November 2010 @ 5 p.m.

Art historian Margaret MacNamidhe’s autumn-semester fellowship is an opportunity for her to complete a book on Picasso’s early work. His under-valued canvases of 1907—the radical Demoiselles d’Avignon painted just a year later would eclipse them—are a special focus. Previous work was on French Romantic painting; a forthcoming book, Delacroix Alone (Penn. State Press), is based on her dissertation (2001; Johns Hopkins University) and was supported by an IRCHSS post-doctoral fellowship.  Before Johns Hopkins, a Fulbright post-graduate scholarship brought her to the School of the Art Institute to Chicago while the National College of Art and Design in Dublin was where she went as an undergraduate (Fine Art, Painting).