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The new scientists in Ireland - a tribute to the Loebers

Rolf Loeber's paper, Before and after the Guide to Irish Fiction, from 'The new scientists in Ireland - a tribute to the Loebers, in recognition of their extraordinary contribution to the study of Ireland's material, cultural and literary heritages.

Friday, 18 March 2011

Rolf and Magda Loeber have made an extraordinary contribution to the study of Ireland’s material, cultural and literary heritages from the time of their first involvement in Irish affairs through the Irish Georgian Society in the late sixties and early seventies. Rolf’s ‘Irish country houses and castles of the late Caroline period: an unremembered past recaptured’ [Quarterly Bulletin of the Irish Georgian Society: XVI (1973)] inaugurated a long and distinguished series of scholarly studies on previously obscured or neglected aspects of Ireland’s heritage. Among Rolf’s ground-breaking works are his A biographical dictionary of architects in Ireland, 1600-1720 (1981) and The geography and practice of English colonisation in Ireland from 1534 to 1609 (1991). This achievement is all the more remarkable given the professional demands of their work and careers as academic researchers at the medical school of the University of Pittsburgh and elsewhere.

This symposium in their honour focused in the main on the Loebers’ magisterial A guide to Irish fiction, 1650-1900 (Dublin, 2006).

Listen to the lecture below or download it on iTunes.