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Bracha Ettinger. Beauty in the Human: Uncanny Compassion, Uncanny Awe

Bracha L. Ettinger

Title: Beauty in the Human: Uncanny Compassion, Uncanny Awe (Introduced by Rob Weatherill).

Bracha L. Ettinger is an internationally-renowned artist, working mainly in oil painting, drawing, photography and notebooks. She has exhibited her work in a large number of places around the world, including Barcelona, Amsterdam, Helsinki, Turku, London, Paris, Berlin and New York. She is also a philosopher, psychoanalyst and senior clinical psychologist. She works between Paris and Tel Aviv. This lecture provides an opportunity to see samples of her art and hear her speak about her art practice and how it both informs and is influenced by her psychoanalytic work.

Listen to the lecture below or download it on iTunes.