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Rosi Braidotti

Title: Nomadic Feminist Theory in a Global Era

Rosi Braidotti is Distinguished University Professor at Utrecht University and founding Director of the Centre for the Humanities since 2007. She was the founding professor of Gender Studies in the Humanities at Utrecht (1988-2005) and the first scientific director of the Netherlands Research School of Women's Studies. Rosi Braidotti’s research and writing engages feminist philosophy and cultural studies. She is especially interested in poststructuralism and critical theory as well as epistemology and Deleuze studies. Her books include, Nomadic Theory. The Portable Rosi Braidotti (Columbia University Press: New York, 2011); Transpositions: On Nomadic Ethics (Polity Press: Cambridge, 2006); Metamorphoses: Towards a Materialist Theory of Becoming (Polity Press: Cambridge, 2002); and Nomadic Subjects: Embodiment and Sexual Difference in Contemporary Feminist Theory, (Columbia University Press: New York, 1994); 2nd ed. 2011). 

Listen to the lecture below or download it on iTunes.