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The Book: history and practice

The presentations at The book: history and practice workshop, which took place on March 12 2012 at the UCD Humanities Institute, were recorded and are available to watch on the youtube playlist below.

The workshop was a unique venture in knowledge transfer between historians of the book and design and typographical experts.

The workshop was designed to facilitate a dynamic exhange of expertise between humanities scholars and design experts to enhance the skills capacity and professional practice of both cohorts. The presentations at the workshop included:

  • Mary Ann Bolger and Clare Bell (DIT): ‘Divided by a common practice?’ 
  • Hilary Kenna (IADT): ‘Designing the iPAD edition of T.S. Eliot’s The Waste Land’ 
  • Phil Baines (Central St Martins): ‘reflections on the practice and responsibilities of book design’ 
  • Jason McElligott (Marsh’s Library): ‘lessons from the growing pangs of the printed book, 1450‐1520’ 
  • David Smith (IADT): ‘Method and chance – selected Atelier projects’ 
  • Noel Fitzpatrick (DIT: ‘Digital typography and future models of the book’ 
  • Philip Maddock (Rhode Island): ‘Irish bookbinding: a timeline of design and materials’ 
  • Anne Brady (Vermillion Design): ‘’Liberators, traitors and defibrillators’‐ Vermillion Design’s book commissions’ 
  • Marc Caball (UCD): ‘The politics of typography in early modern Ireland’
  • Peter Maybury (Dublin): ‘948 pages’ 
  • Tim O’Neill (Dublin): ‘Putting pen to paper: the production of one‐off books today’
  • Richard Sharpe (Wadham College, Oxford): ‘Irish manuscripts and the complex page’ 
  • Elizabethanne Boran (Worth Library): ‘Dublin bookbinding in the late 17th and early 18th centuries’ 
  • Dermot McGuinne (DIT): ‘A type for book arts’

The full workshop programme is available here - http://bit.ly/GNaruy

This event was made possible through the award of an IRCHSS New Ideas Award to Dr Marc Caball.