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World-Ecology, World-Economy, World-Literature Symposium

This three-day academic symposium took place at UCD Humanities Institute in October 2013. Lectures by Jason W. Moore (Binghamton), Michael Niblett (Warwick) and Stephen Shapiro (Warwick) were recorded for podcast. Podcasts from the symposium are available to stream via Soundcloud or download on iTunes.

Jason W. Moore (Fernand Braudel Center and Department of Sociology, Binghamton University). Abstract Social Nature: Socially Necessary Unpaid Labour & the Law of Value in the Capitalist World-Ecology.

Stephen Shapiro (Warwick). Capitalism’s Cultural Fix: World-Systemics, World-Ecology, World-literature.

Michael Niblett (Warwick). A Waste of Time: Refuse and Revenants in the Capitalist World-Ecology.

About the symposium: Taking up environmental historian Jason W. Moore’s injunction to understand the world-economy as world-ecology, this three-day event will explore world-systemic approaches to capitalism’s transformations of cultural, environmental, and social landscapes. During two days of workshop presentations and discussions, the first day focusing on World-Ecology, the second on World-Economy, we will investigate the symptoms and causes of the current global economic and climate crisis through multiple disciplinary perspectives, analyse the ecological regimes and geographical frontiers of capital’s uneven expansion, and explore how world-systemic perspectives help illuminate the intertwined issues of environmental crisis and exploitation. With presentations examining such subjects as world-ecology and neoliberalism, Ireland and the world-economy, world-systems and law, and literature and the world-ecology, we hope to create a truly interdisciplinary dialogue between the humanities and social sciences

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