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ASLE-UKI Conference - Locating Ecocriticism: Systems, Methodologies, Contexts

Podcasts of three keynotes from the 2014 Association for the Study of Literature and Environment (UK and Ireland) Postgraduate Conference, 'Locating Ecocriticism: Systems, Methodologies, Contexts', which took place in University College Dublin in July 2014. The conference was sponsored by ASLE-UKI, UCD School of English, Drama and Film, UCD Seed Funding and The Humanities Institute, UCD. The keynote speakers recorded for podcast were: Sharae Deckard (UCD), Pablo Mukherjee (University of Warwick), and Anne Milne (University of Toronto, Scarborough).

Keynote Paper 1: Pablo Mukherjee (University of Warwick)
‘Yet Was it Human?’ Bankim, Hunter and Victorian Famine Ideology of Anandamath​.

Keynote Paper 2: Sharae Deckard (University College Dublin)
‘Fox Spirits’ and ‘Stone Maidens': (Post)Soviet Energy Regimes and World-Ecological Literature.

Keynote Paper 3: Anne Milne, University of Toronto Scarborough
The Poet as Genius of the Place?: Reading Habitat and Bioregion in Eighteenth-Century Poetry