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Intimate Entrepreneurship: on Seduction and Sexual Capital

Over the past two years the ‘pickup artist’ has become an increasingly maligned cultural figure, characterised in mainstream media representations as pathetic, pathological, or perverse. This talk explores an alternative framing, based on ethnographic research undertaken within the ‘seduction community’ in London, UK. Rachel O’Neill examines how the men who work in this industry and those who pay for the benefit of their expertise transform themselves into sexual capitalists whose intimate lives are ordered by logics of investment and return, opportunity and outcome. O’Neill contends that the model of intimate subjectivity on offer here maps onto and reinforces broader cultural logics of neoliberal capitalism, thus demanding a different kind of critical analysis.

Dr Rachel O’Neill (King’s College London), with an introduction by Professor Diane Negra (UCD Film Studies). Recorded for podcasting by Real Smart Media.