List of Podcasts

The UCD Humanities Institute has hosted many distinguished speakers from all over the world. The podcasts from many of these events are free to download and available via our Soundcloud channel, Spotify and on iTunes. Since 2010 there have been more than 145,000 downloads of our podcasts. The complete list of episodes is below. The podcasts are recorded and managed by Real Smart Media.


Framing Ageing - Webinar 5

Ireland in the World

Mind Reading: Experts in Conversation (Episode 3)

Mind Reading: Experts in Conversation (Episode 2)

Antiquity and the Anthropocene

Framing Ageing - Webinar 4

Mind Reading: Experts in Conversation (Episode 1)

In My Experience

Transnational Humanities: Concept and Praxis, the 2021 UCD Humanities Institute PhD Conference

Framing Ageing - Webinar 3


Framing Ageing - Webinar 2

Painting Dublin, 1886 – 1949

Annual Distinguished Guest Lecture by Gillian Rose.

In My Experience

Framing Ageing

Transnationalising the Humanities: Research Perspectives, Approaches and Methodologies

  • Keynote: Rebecca Braun - When is the Nation and Where is the Human? Four Provocations
  • Panel 1: Gillian Pye (UCD SLCL), Enrica Ferrara (UCD SLCL), Anne Fuchs (HI).
  • Panel 2: Regina Uí Chollatáin (UCD SICF), Alexandra Lourenco Dias (UCD SLCL), Joe Twist (UCD SLCL), Britta Jung (HI) 
  • Panel 3: Kathleen James-Chakraborty (SAHCP), Douglas Smith (SLCL), Tori Durrer (SAHCP), Stephan Ehrig (HI/SAHCP), Samantha Martin-McAuliffe (SAPEP)
  • PhD Panel: Aideen Herron (UCD Architecture), Zhengfeng Wang (Art Hist and Cult Pol), Bianca Cataldi (Modern Languages), Yanli Xie (History).

Our Authors talk about their work during lockdown

Resident Postdocs talk about their work

What is Creativity?

Plotting the Future: Towards Sustainability

Carving out a Space for the History of Emotions


Architecture and Narrative: The Built Environment in Modern Culture

Plotting the Future: Towards Sustainability

Exploring the Transnational Neighbourhood - Integration, Community, and Co-Habitation

Theorizing Zombiism

Sara Jones: Testimony through Culture: Towards a Theoretical Framework

Truth to be Told: Understanding Truth in the Age of Post-Truth Politics

 Distinguished Guest Lecture Series

Debating Ageing: A Transdiciplinary Engagement Forum


Bodies of data: intersecting medical and digital humanities

Conflicting Chronologies in the Pre-modern World: Measuring Time from Antiquity to the Middle Ages and Renaissance

Debating Ageing: A Transdiciplinary Engagement Forum

Art and Reality: The Role of Visual Culture in the post-independent state

UCD Humanities Institute Postgraduate Scholars Conference 2018

Plotting the Future: Scenes and Scenarios of Speculation

Settler Social Identities: Rational Recreation In the Long Nineteenth Century

Truth to be Told: Understanding Truth in the Age of Post-Truth Politics

Understanding New Rape Cultures

Maja Pantic - Artificial Intelligence: What if machines could sense how I feel (Plotting the Future).

The Alan Graham Memorial Lecture, as part of the Irish Association for American Studies Annual Conference 2018 at UCD.

Distinguished Guest Lecture Series

Éilís Ní Dhuibhne Symposium


Anglo-Irish Lit 50 - Marina Carr in Conversation: celebrating 50 years of Anglo-Irish Literature and Drama at UCD.

Architecture and Narrative: The Built Environment in Modern Culture

Truth to be Told

Media, Encounter, Witness: Troubling Pasts

Single Lives 2017

The Humanities under Neoliberalism / The University under Neoliberalism

SouthHem Project

Plotting the Future

Dockland Encounters Symposium

  • Introduction by Joanna Robinson and Richard McCormick
  • John Brannigan - Down by the Docks: Late Modernist Fictions of Irish Sea Ports
  • Niamh Moore-Cherry - A space of flow and flux: 21st century Dublin Docklands
  • Silvia Loeffler - Deep Mapping the Docks as Transitional Space: An Artistic Cartography
  • Anthony Geraghty - Irish Naval Service Operations in Mediterranean
  • Connal Parr - Queen’s Island’s (Often Unemployed) Trojans: The ambivalent Belfast docklands
  • David Featherstone - Decolonisation, Spaces of Dockside Encounter and Subaltern Agency
  • Roundtable

Southhem Project: Methodologies Across Borders


1916: Home: 2016

Law and the Idea of Liberty in Ireland: From Magna Carta to the Present

  • Paul Brand - Magna Carta in Ireland, 1215–1320
  • Seán Duffy - The political background to Magna Carta: King John and Ireland
  • Peter Crooks - 1216, 1366 and all that: Magna Carta and exclusionary liberties in late medieval Ireland
  • Adrian Empey - Conquest and common law
  • Ian Campbell - Magna Carta in Irish political theory, 1541–1660
  • Coleman Dennehy - Nisi per legale judicium parium suorum: parliament, politics, and the right to trial by peer
  • Colum Kenny - Myth, Mervyn and the “Irish Magna Carta” of 1662
  • Jimmy Kelly - Era of Liberty? The politics of political rights in eighteenth-century
  • Patrick Geoghegan - Daniel O'Connell versus the Chartists
  • Tom Mohr - Liberty in an Irish Free State, 1922–37

In Search of Transcultural Memory in Europe (ISTME). Locating and Dislocating Memory

After the War: Commemorating the Great War in Ireland

Nation, Genre and Gender: A Comparative Social Network Analysis of Irish and English Fiction, 1800-1922

  • Gerardine Meaney on Phineas Finn and how social network analysis can illuminate the relationship between literature and history. 
  • Karen Wade discusses social network analysis and Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. 
  • Maria Mulvany on annotating James Joyce’s A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man
  • Derek Greene on the social network analysis aspects of the project. 
  • Siobhán Grayson discusses her work on the project

UCD/Abbey Theatre Shakespeare Lectures

Wartime Attachments Series

From One April to Another: 2016-­1916

  • Lia Mills, UCD Arts Council Writer in Residence

Eugene O'Neill: a life in Four Acts

  • Professor Robert M. Dowling (Central Connecticut State University)

Intimate Entrepreneurship: on Seduction and Sexual Capital

  • Dr Rachel O’Neill (King's College London)

Reviving Philosophy of History

  • Professor Paul A. Roth (University of California Santa Cruz)

Irish Memory Studies Network


Researching Revolutionaries During the Decade of Centenaries

  • Dr Eve Morrison (IRC postdoctoral fellow in the UCD School of History) & Dr Maureen O’Connor (UCC).

Women and the Sea Symposium

  • Sibéal Turraoin, Irish Adventures in the North-West Passage (Public Lecture).
  • Panel 1: Gender and the Sea.
  • Welcome address.
  • Panel 2: Stories of Seas and Coasts.
  • Panel 3: Working the Seas and Islands.
  • Panel 4: Women at Sea.
  • Panel 5: Arts of the Sea.

Queering Ireland 2015 - Politically Queer?

Memory, Space, and New Technologies Symposium

Wartime Attachments Series

Professor Carole Levin. Raise up the Dead: Queen Elizabeth’s Ghost and the Stuart Monarchs.

Irish Memory Studies Network Distinguished Memory Lecture Series: Methodologies of Memory

UCD/Abbey Theatre Lectures 2015.

Conducting Psychoanalytic Research for Publication; a workshop organised by Dr Noreen Giffney.

Professor Michael O'Rourke. The Nows and Thens of Queer Theory.


Law and Revolution in Ireland: law and lawyers before, during, and after the Cromwellian Interregnum

  • Dr Coleman Dennehy (University College Dublin / University College London) - Appointments to the Irish bench in the early Restoration period.
  • Dr Stephen Carroll (Trinity College Dublin) - Competing authorities: the clash of martial and common law in early seventeenth-century Ireland.
  • Dr Aran McArdle (Trinity College Dublin) - ‘Necessarye to keepe Irelande in Order’: Martial law and the 1641 rebellion.
  • Dr Bríd McGrath (Trinity College Dublin) - Electoral law in Ireland in the early seventeenth century.
  • Dr John Cunningham (Trinity College Dublin / University of Exeter) - Lawyers and the law in the writings of Sir William Parsons.
  • Dr Neil Johnston (Department of Culture, Media & Sport) - Charles II’s legal officers and their influence on the Restoration land settlement in Ireland, 1660-65.
  • Professor James McGuire ( Irish Manuscripts Commission) - Governing Restoration Ireland: the evidence of the proclamations, 1660–70.
  • Dr Andrew Robinson (Northern Ireland Policing Board) - ‘Twixt Treason and Convenience’: Protestant Ireland and the trial of the earl of Strafford.
  • Jennifer Wells (Brown University / Institute of Historical Research) - Scottish and Irish Resistance to Cromwellian Legal Measures.
  • Dr Danielle McCormack (Adam Mickiewicz University, Pozna?) - The rhetoric of law and the Restoration settlement, c. 1660-2
  • Prof. Andrew Carpenter (University College Dublin) - Lawyers and the circulation of scurrilous verse in Restoration Dublin.
  • Dr John J. Cronin (University College Dublin) - Countering a revolution with law: the role of the Irish royalist elite in the law courts of the exiled Charles II: 1649-1660.
  • Prof. Colum Kenny (Dublin City University) - Shooting stars and survivors: King's Inns revisited 1648-1661.

Teresa Mangum (University of Iowa). The Future of the Academic and Public Humanities: The Changing Academic Environment in the U.S.

Ways of Representing the Past: Documentary Theatre in Ireland and Brazil, an Irish Memory Studies Network Seminar.

Podcasts from Melancholia.

Podcasts from the Irish Sea Symposium - The Irish Sea: History, Culture, Environment.

Recording of roundtable discussion from the G(u)ilt and Glitter: Economic Crisis and Burlesque in Ireland sympoisum.

Podcasts from the 2014 ASLE-UKI Postgraduate Conference - Locating Ecocriticism: Systems, Methodologies, Contexts

UCD/Abbey Theatre Lectures 2014.

Fionnuala Dillane (UCD). Affective Historiography, Effective Anne Enright: narrative, aesthetics and memory making.

Guy Beiner (Ben-Gurion University). Intra-Community Remembering and Forgetting: Commemorative Possessiveness and Envy in Ulster.

Richard Kearney (Boston College). The Politics of Memory: Between History and Imagination.


Maureen Reddy (Rhode Island College). Race and Gender in Contemporary Irish Crime Fiction.

Kali Tal (Bern University). Issues in Comtemporary Trauma Studies.

Podcasts from the World-Ecology, World-Economy, World-Literature Symposium.

Ireland, Slavery, Anti-Slavery, Empire Conference.

Samuel Beckett and the 'State' of Ireland III Conference.

Steven Shaviro (Wayne University). Discognition.

Laura Agustín. Sex at the Margins: Migration, Labour Markets and the Rescue Industry.

Rob Weatherill. Psychoanalysis and the Inhuman.

UCD/Abbey Theatre Lectures 2013.

Irish Memory Studies Research Network's Gender and Commemoration Lecture Series.

Digital Humanities Exploratorium: Pathways to Interdisciplinarity, Creative Praxis and Digital Humanities Research Conference.

  • Gerardine Meaney. Introduction.
  • Fiona Whelan and Gillian O Connor. Policing Dialogues.
  • Katie Gillum. Just Food, Migration, Collaboration, & Participation: 2 food justice projects.
  • Ailbhe Murphy & Ciaran Smyth. City (Re)searches: Experiences of Being Public.
  • Eilis Murphy. Where public is private: An urban intervention into privatised ‘public’ spaces.
  • Taey Iohe (City, Resistance and Artistic Research)
  • Owen Boss (ANU Productions)
  • Asylum Archive
  • Alan Grossman (Non-Fiction Screen Media Practice and the Digital Humanities: The Age of the 'Hedgefox')
  • Clíodhna Ní Lionáin
  • Eimear Meegan
  • Dr Steve Davis - Prospection plus: digital archaeology in the Brú na Bóinne World Heritage Site
  • Karen Wade & Dr Derek Greene - Finding the Irish blogosphere: An interdisciplinary approach
  • Lisa Cassidy
  • Andy Flaherty & Tom Rowley (StoryMap)
  • Mark Duncan (Century Ireland)
  • Lynne Heller (Mind the Gap)
  • Lizbeth Goodman
  • Kate Delaney (Digital Media with at Risk Youth)
  • Donal Fallon & Sam McGrath (Come Here to Me!)
  • David Cotter (Future Creators)


Guoqi Xu (Hong Kong University). Asia and the First World War.

Rosi Braidotti (Utrecht University). Nomadic Feminist Theory in a Global Era.

Gregory Castle (Arizona State University). In Transit - Bram Stoker’s Dracula and the Postcolonial Sublime.

Robyn Wiegman (Duke University). Eve's Triangles, Or: Queer Theory Without Anti-Normativity.

Eoin O'Brien. The Beckett Country.

J. Hillis Miller. Interview.

G.B. Shaw Back in Town Conference.

Irish Studies Series.

Fifth Annual UCD James Joyce Research Colloquium

Bracha L. Ettinger. Beauty in the Human: Uncanny Compassion, Uncanny Awe.

The Book: History and Practice Workshop

Tim Ingold (University of Aberdeen). Towards an Ecology of Materials.


Clair Wills (Queen Mary, University of London). Naturalism and Entrapment in Post-War Irish Writing.

John Coffey (University of Leicester). Scripture and Toleration between Reformation and Enlightenment.

Alec Ryrie (Durham University). From Polemic to Devotion: Tolerance and Piety in Early Modern Britain.

Heinz Schilling (Humboldt University, Berlin). Religion and migration in early modern Europe – the Calvinist and the Sephardic experience.

Ian Ker (University of Oxford). Newman's idea of a university: some misunderstandings.

Jeffers Engelhardt (Amherst College). The Secular Enchantments of Ethnomusicology.

Patrick Geoghegan (Trinity College Dublin). The fall and rise of the reputation of Daniel O Connell.

Robert Hohlfelder (University of Colorado). Poseidon’s deepest secrets: Deepwater Archaeology in the Mediterranean.

Rolf Loeber. Before and after the Guide to Irish Fiction.

Redrawing Dublin: interdisciplinarity and interrogation workshop.

Finding an Academic Job in the United States. Workshop.

Steven Mithen (University of Reading). Communal and monumental architecture at the origin of the Neolithic in the Near East: new evidence from Wadi Faynan, Southern Jordan.

Stephen Mennell. Norbert Elias Workshop (available via iTunes).

Conor Gearty (London School of Economics). Human Rights Seductive Dangerous And Necessary.


Iain Fenlon (Faculty of Music, King's College, Cambridge). Public Music and Ritual in Renaissance Venice.

New Directions in Research in Early Modern Ireland

Fredrik Skott (Institute for Language and Folklore, University of Gothenberg). Folklore and Nationalism: folklore collecting in Sweden during the interwar period.