Call for Papers - UCD Humanities Institute Annual PhD Conference 27 September 2018

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Boundaries, Transgression and Liminality in 21st Century Scholarship


UCD Humanities Institute Annual PhD Conference 2018

UCD Humanities Institute, 27 September 2018

‌‘Trans’ issues, be they disciplinary, cultural or political, are widely celebrated in mainstream media, academic discourse, and the arts. Concurrently there exists a political reality of borders, as well as a proliferation of entrenched forms of the rhetoric of difference, which have led to significant electoral success for political parties advocating identitarian ideologies. To date, the 21st century has witnessed, on the one hand, ever expanding access to worldwide online networking, growing free-market economic globalisation, and increasingly diverse identity politics, while at the same time strict national boundaries have contributed to an escalation in the international refugee crises. Recognising the good, the bad and the ugly boundaries of the human condition and society, the 2018 UCD Humanities Institute Scholars Conference is seeking proposals from post-graduate scholars and artists that are engaging with these issues.

We invite proposals from current and recently finished postgraduate scholars and practicing artists, for individual papers of 20 minutes, or 3-paper panel sessions, that address issues of boundaries, transgression and liminality. Topics could include, but are not limited to:

•    issues surrounding cultural, literary, scientific, religious or political essentialism and/or divergence;
•    critical responses to migration and transnationalism;
•    linguistic boundaries, divisions and connections;
•    the redefining of space and place in a transnational cultural context;
•    boundary transgression and the prevalence of intermediality in art practices;
•    technological networks and their impact on the perception of boundaries;
•    the transgression of editorial control in new media;
•    bodily representations and issues of ownership in social media and advertising;
•    the barriers or contraventions of identity politics in culture, legislation, or political policies;
•    obstacles within academia (e.g. precarity, the concept of the Ivory Tower, etc.);
•    hinderance, difference and collaboration in pedagogy for 1st, 2nd and 3rd level education;
•    structures/ideas of connectedness (e.g. bridges, the use of glass in architecture, spiritual communion with the divine, etc.).

Please submit an abstract of 250 words and a biography of 100 words to by the deadline of 5pm Friday 29 June 2018. All proposals should include your name, email address and academic affiliation (if applicable). Please also include a main subject field plus secondary subject field in their application.

The conference is convened by Resident Scholars of the UCD Humanities Institute. Details of how to get to the Humanities Institute can be found at:

For further information contact Resident HI Scholar, David Teevan, Luke Lamont, Louisa Carroll at the above email address.