Transnational and Translingual Urban Writing

Workshop Organised Jointly by the University of London’s School of Advanced Study (SAS) and the UCD Humanities Institute

25 June 2018, University of London, Senate House, Room G26



9.15:   Godela Weiss-Sussex (IMLR) and Anne Fuchs (UCD Humanities Institute) Welcome and Introduction


Panel One: Architecture and Urbanisation

9.30:   Kathleen James-Chakraborty, (UCD, School of Art History and Cultural Policy): Modernism at the Margins?

9.50:   Michael Grass (German Studies, Warwick): The Concrete Utopia – Perceptions of the Transnational Momentum in Post-War Architecture

10.10: Hugh Campbell (UCD, School of Architecture): History Images: how photography depicts change in contemporary China

10.30: Discussion

11.00: Coffee

  Panel Two: Francophone Perspectives

11.20: Douglas Smith (UCD, French Studies):The French Hexagon: Nation-State or Transnational Space?

11.40: Anna-Louise Milne (ULIP, French Studies): Managing the Noise of New Encounters: Municipal Libraries in Neighbourhoods of Dense Recent Migration (Paris)

12.00: Mary Gallagher (UCD, Francophone Studies): Life, Death and Culture: Representations of Commonality and Community in the Postcolonial City in Contemporary Francophone Writing from ‘Bleep’ Countries

12.20: Discussion

12.50: Lunch

Panel Three:  Fluid Practices

13.50: Finola O’Kane Crimmins (UCD, School of Architecture): Fluid Foundations: the Formation of the Town of Darien, Georgia, U.S. and the Surrounding Rice Plantations of the Irishman, Senator Pierce Butler

14.10: Naomi Wells, (IMLR, Sociolinguistics): Speaking and Writing in and on the City: Urban Translingual and Transnational Writing as Quotidian Practice

14.30: Peter Jones (IHR, History): Over the Water: Transnational Cultural Crossings in the South London Music Hall

14.50: Discussion

15.20: Short Break

 Panel Four: Writing the City

15.30: Maria Roca Lizarazu (IMLR, German Studies): “Die Stadt, die nie vergessen kann” – The Holocaust as Transnational Memory in Robert Menasse’s Die Hauptstadt (2017)

15.50: Catherine Barbour (IMLR, Spanish Studies): Translingual Encounters:  Urban Migrant Identities in Spanish-Romanian Writing

16.10: Britta Jung (UCD HI Postdoctoral Fellow): Porosity and the City: The Migrant Experience in Ilja Leonard Pfeijffer's La Superba (2013)

16.30: Discussion

17.00: Tea

17.20: Further Initiatives: Discussion with workshop participants