Humanities Institute Goes Green: new green policy on single-use plastic

In order to play our part in caring for our planet, the UCD Humanities Institute has implemented a Green Policy from 1 October 2018. We now have a ban on single-use plastic within the Institute. We have upport this by:

  • Installing filtered water taps in the building for use by resident scholars, visitors and those using our conference facilities;
  • We provide drinking glasses and water jugs for events;
  • Dishwashers are available for use;
  • We have introduced a Humanities Institute Keep-cup to reduce waste;

I hope you will support us in implementing this small but significant contribution to saving our planet

Please click on the link below to read the full policy

UCD Humanities Institute Green Policy

“With more than eight million tonnes (of plastic) going into the oceans every year, it is estimated there will be more plastic than fish by 2050 and 99 per cent of all the seabirds on the planet will have consumed some. It is thought the sea now contains some 51 trillion microplastic particles – 500 times more than stars in our galaxy.”

“For some 79 per cent of the plastic produced over the last 70 years has been thrown away, either into landfill sites or into the general environment. Just nine per cent is recycled with  the rest incinerated. This has been described as "an uncontrolled experiment on a global scale" by scientists.” (The Independent, 28 Sept. 2017)