Open Seed Funding Competition for the College of Arts and Humanities

This competition is co-funded by the Humanities Institute and UCD Research: the aim is to stimulate collaborative research activities which will also advance the relevant research strand. The total funding available in this round is €20,000; maximum funding per successful application will be €4,000. All CAH research-active staff who participate in one of the 8 research strands are eligible for this scheme (including postdocs, temporary lecturers and tenured staff). The application deadline is 30 October 2020. For further information please consult our online application form:

We invite applications for funded research activities (workshops, symposia, conferences  etc.) related to one of the eight CAH thematic research strands:

•    Digital Cultures
•    Engaged Creativity
•    Environmental Humanities
•    Health, Medicine and Wellbeing
•    Transnationalising the Humanities
•    Ireland in the World
•    Thresholds of Knowledge
•    Violence and Society.

Terms and Conditions of this funding call:

•    Maximum funding available in this round is €20,000.
•    Maximum funding per successful application will be €4,000.
•    Application deadline: 30 October 2020.
•    Start and end date of grant: 2 January 2021 to 31 July 2022.
•    Eligibility: all research-active staff from within the CoAH, including postdocs, temporary lecturers, tenured staff who participate in one of the above research strands. •    Participation has to be  confirmed by the RS leaders.
•    Requirements: Applicants are required to articulate how the suggested project feeds into and advances the relevant strand.
•    Cross-collaboration with one other CAH research strand is possible.
•    Plans for dissemination include academic outputs as well as public engagement and impact (e.g. OA publications, websites, podcasts, etc.)
•    Successful projects will feature as HI-funded activities on both the CAH and the HI websites.
•    HI funding must be formally acknowledged on all publicity material, including cfps, programmes, websites and in publications arising from this funding.
•    At the end of the projects the PIs will submit a written report to the HI Director and College VP for Research. Reports will be published on the relevant websites.

Evaluation of applications:

•    All applications will be evaluated by a cross-disciplinary panel of senior academics.
•    Publication of results: 20 November 2020.
•    Feedback will be provided by means of a feedback sheet with a score and brief written feedback (scores: A+: excellent, A: outstanding, A-: very good, B+: good but with some minor shortcomings, B: solid but with shortcomings, C: average with considerable shortcomings).

Applications must be submitted by Wednesday, 30 October 2020. Queries can be sent to by