Weekly Research Zoom Calls for PhDs and Postdocs

Since lockdown began the UCD Humanities Institute has been staying in touch with all of our resident scholars on a weekly basis. We have started a weekly zoom call (postdocs on Wednesdays at 10.30 and PhDs on Mondays at 10.30) where researchers can discuss a piece they are working on or a research problem they are struggling with. Pieces for discussion can be submitted in advance and circulated.

This has proven so popular that we thought we might extend it out to all postdocs and PhD. We are acutely aware that many of this cohort are from overseas and are in lockdown alone. We feel it’s a good outlet to engage with peers in this way and to try and keep their research moving forward.

Those interested in joining up should email humanities@ucd.ie and we can add you to the zoom invite list.