Key Statistics from the UCD Humanities Institute of Ireland (HII)

Sunday, 4 January 2009

Over a seven year period (2001-2008) under the research theme 'Identity, Memory and Meaning in the 21st Century' the UCD Humanities Institute of Ireland was awarded almost €6,000,000 from the HEA's Programme for Research in Third Level Institutions (PRTLI) of which €3,687,000 was recurrent spend.  The many results of this funding were:

Capital Funding

A new building (492 m2) - work completed in 2002 - with desks for 40 full-time researchers at any one time, catering facilities and a fully equipped seminar room seating over 50 people.

Recurrent Funding

A total of 24 graduate scholars received funding form the Humanities Institute, 18 of those were fully funded - in the fields of History, Archaeology, English, Drama Studies, Languages and Literatures – Spanish, French, German, History of Art and Philosophy. 

We have had 22 graduate students awarded PhDs from the Humanities Institute – our exceptional completion rate is 95%.

An additional 40 graduate scholars funded from other grants were given desk space and administrative support at the HII.

On top of this 14 Ad Astra scholars have had desks in the HII.

There have been a total of 10 postdoctoral fellows fully funded by the Humanities Institute in the fields of English, History, Archaeology, Anthropology and Traditional Music.

An additional 11 postdoctoral fellows funded from other grants were given desk space and administrative support at the HII.

Others accommodated at the HII since inception are:

  • 4 research assistants for different research strands
  • 8 visiting academics from other universities in Europe and America
  • 2 visiting students under the Erasmus and the Universitas Programme have been given space at the Institute
  • 8 UCD academics on research leaveThe Office of Research Ethics
  • The Migration and Citizenship Research Initiative (MCRI)The Centre for Canadian Studies
  • The GREP office of Professor Gerardine Meaney

Other Funding

Building on the success of the HII in PRTLI cycle 3, the following funding applications were also successful:

HEA’s North-South Programme for Collaborative Research

Principal Investigator – Professor Mary E. Daly

Funding: €292,000

1 Postdoctoral fellow, 1 PhD (UCD)

1 Postdoctoral fellow, 1 PhD (QUB)

A Teagasc Walsh Fellowship

This award funded a graduate student for three years in Geography/History

An IRCHSS-funded project Protestants, print and Gaelic culture in Ireland 1567-1722

This award funds two full time postdoctoral fellows

Funding awarded: €193,950.70

Principal Investigator – Dr Marc Caball

UCD Seed Funding to the value of over €11,000 was awarded to HII-related projects

Events – more key statistics

Since inception, especially since the HII building opened in January 2003 we have hosted the following number of events:

Over 120 HII weekly seminars;

18 Distinguished Guest Lectures;

Over 80 conferences – national and international – and over 40 other events including seminars, workshops and graduate events;

Over 400 papers at conference both in Ireland and abroad have been given by HII-related researchers and scholars;

Publications – more key statistics

Since inception we have reported

345 peer-reviewed publications

208 non peer-reviewed publications submitted by HII-related researchers

2 publications by HII principal investigator Professor Anne Fuchs have been awarded an "Outstanding Academic Award" by Choice in the US

The following publications arose from the HII research programme (2002-2008):

Materialitas: Working Stone, Carving Identity - Edited by Blaze O'Connor, Gabriel Cooney and John Chapman

Phantoms of War in Contemporary German Literature, Films and Disclosure - Written by Anne Fuchs

World Writing - Poetics, Ethics, Globalization - Edited by Mary T. Gallagher

Mythologies at 50: Barthes and Popular Culture - Edited by Douglas Smith

Cultural Perspectives on Globalisation and Ireland - Edited by Eamon Maher

Empire and Culture Now: Francophone Perspectives on Globalisation - Written by Mary Gallagher and Douglas Smith