Award of prestigious IRCHSS CARA fellowships to HII researchers

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

UCD Humanities Institute warmly congratulates Dr Kathleen Middleton and Dr Chiara Tedaldi on their success in the 2011 IRCHSS CARA post-doctoral fellowship competition. This highly competitive award is a Government of Ireland CARA Postdoctoral Mobility Fellowship funded by the IRCHSS with co-funding from the European Commission.

Kathleen Middleton is currently a post-doctoral research on the HII project ‘Protestants, print and Gaelic Culture, 1567-1722’ (funded by the IRCHSS and the Dept of Taoiseach: PI Marc Caball). Her new project is entitled Memorialising the ‘Killing Times’:  History, Religion and Nation in pre-Enlightenment Scotland. Her research will re-evaluate the portrayal of the Restoration period in Robert Wodrow’s influential History of the Sufferings of the Church of Scotland (1721-2) and it will analyse the process of the History’s construction as a cultural product of early eighteenth century Scotland. The first two years will be spent at the School of Humanities, University of Dundee and the third year at the Centre for Irish, Scottish and Comparative Studies and School of English, TCD.

Dr Chiara Tedaldi was a HII doctoral research scholar and recently completed her Ph.D. in the UCD School of History and Archives. Her new project is entitled Civil War and Francoism in the Spanish media since 2007. This study re-thinks the impact of the Ley de Memoria Histórica on Spanish media, arguing that the decline in coverage of the Civil War and Francoism resulted from a re-alignment of the Left’s political agenda rather than ‘Civil War fatigue’. The first two years will be spent in Spain at Universidad de Zaragoza (Departamento de Historia Moderna y Contemporanea) and the final year at UCD School of Languages and Literatures.