Kelly Louise Rexzy P. Agra

School: School of Philosophy

Supervisor: Professor Maeve Cooke

Philosophy, the Philosophical Institution, and Epistemic Paralysis

My research develops the concept of ‘epistemic paralysis’ which I define as the internal and external inhibition of the epistemic agency of knowers as a result of the experience of recognitive injustice and exploitative assymetrical power relations. Epistemic paralysis as one of the resulting phenomena of what Miranda Fricker calls 'epistemic injustice'--a harm done to someone in their capacity as a knower--is something that I take to be intersubjectively produced and institutionally reproduced. In my work, I bring into dialogue the liberatory approaches of Feminist Epistemology, Post- and Decolonial Theory and Critical Social Theory with the analytic approach of Critical Social Epistemology. One of the specific aims of my research is to develop a liberatory and critical epistemology that is alert to how philosophy can institutionally reproduce subjugating, authoritarian, and marginalizing epistemic-ethical-political relations among epistemic agents.

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